Thursday, 2 January 2014


Well I had multiple ideas for a new blog, like new year or some of the bags I sewed lately. But well.. nothing matches up and nothing is more important than the fact that SHERLOCK IS ALIVE! And back. After two years.
First we got the prequel a week ago. At least something to end this 2-year misery.
Then new episode. Live streaming it of course. It worked, luckily.
First this happens. All of a sudden some strangely familiar language comes on, hello Serbia, and Sherlock all weirdly medieval.

Then Molly and Sherlock lock lips. Weird again, doesn't make sense and yet it's awesome! Plus this escape plan.. pretty good. And proved wrong.
Science of deduction. Let's just start with that. Sherlock didn't lost his sense.
Then our french Sherlock comes up. <3 And Watson is too dumb to notice him. Like come on, John, you're not deaf or blind.
Yeah, that's what we all wanted, well we knew but still it was a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong wait.
Honestly, I was more on the side of how, rather than why.
Then we meet Mrs. Hudson, whose reaction was a bit weird, I'd be happier to see Sherlock, but probably she just thought he's a ghost or something. Love her though. Especially the way she talk to John again. Priceless.
And Lestrade. Such a cute hug.
(PS: At this point I would like to publicly ask if anyone cares about Anderson cuz I don't. Just saying, cuz he's not appearing here.)
And we finally lose the movember. All because of Sherlock. <3
Wait, stop.
What the heck is this?!

Are you making everyone feel stupid?
Well this entire scene.. I just.. was kinda hoping this kiss would go through though *blush* but I'm glad it was just a stupid idea.
And we meet Sherlock's parents. Also Benedict's real-life parents. So cute.
Then we go and start a real mission to block a terrorist attack.
That almost ends tragically. But instead gives us a romantic scene with Sherlock and Watson. And much fun.
I'm glad it all went well and we even meet Molly's boyfriend. Definitely her type.
Uuhm, what?!
Oh yeah, and this is how Sherlock supposedly survived, all a huge plot to keep John from knowing, the entire street closed and everyone payed to play his/hers role. At least that's what Sherlock tells Anderson.
So waiting fror 3 more days for episode no. 2! Aaaaa! Can't wait!

Cheekbones. The end.


  1. ODLIČEN povzetek, jst sm tut tole bolj kot novo leto čakala :D

    1. Hehe, seveda, mene je 1.1.2014 sam zarad tega zanimou. :D

  2. Jaz sem tudi prvi januar najbolj čakala ravno zaradi Sherlocka. Tista scena z Moriartyem mi je bila WTF? Mi je bila pa konča rešitev všeč. Jaz bi po moje isto reagirala kor Mrs. Hudson, če bi videla koga, za katerega bi mislila, da je mrtev. Prva epizoda mi je bila zelo zanimiva, zdaj moram še drugo pogledati. :)

    1. Ampak dejansko pa sploh ne bomo zvedl kako se je res rešil, verjetno zato ker so itak na netu vsi že vse premlel in zdej bi mogl itak uzet eno rešitev od tistih, so rajš kr pustil u zraku. ;) Tut uredu, zdej sm se sprijaznila s tem. :D
      Js bi pumojm isto reagirala kot Hudson če bi vidla Benedicta nasploh. :D
      Druga je tut vredna ogleda, le. ;)

  3. Nominirala sem te za Liebster Award. Več informacij najdeš na mojem blogu:).