day 71

Cherries. Well earrings.

day 62

Baroque ensemble practice.
(Excuse the poor quality.)

day 61

Confirmation of my nephew.

day 60

New pair of scissors. For free!

day 59

Skype with my dearest friend.

day 58

Sunny funny day. Family, choir, friends, fabric store, more family. :)

day 57

New hand knitted scarf. Thank you, Maja. :)

day 56

Friends and warm weather all day. #skirt #sleeveless #bike

day 55

Snapchat fun.

day 54

Family gathering for my niece's first communion.

day 53

Meeting of scout leaders.

day 52

Concert with the health faculty choir and those hours after it.

day 51

Always be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn. Then always be a unicorn.

day 50

6. <3

day 49

Ice cream again.  Two scoops today.

day 48

Just a wonderful day. And gelato with a friend was one big part of it.

day 47

When you know you're in God's hands.

day 46

Making my mom happy by dressing her basket.

day 45

Picnic party.

day 44

Time with a dear friend.

day 43

Dinner with my sister and her family and trying out different honey flavours: lavender and tangerine.

day 42

Fabric store again.

day 41

Fabric store.

day 40


day 39


day 38

Enjoying lunch in our orchard with friends and parents.

day 37

Quality time with an old friend and watching Miranda.
(Excuse the poor picture.)

day 36

Spending time with nephews.

day 35

Working out with my sister.

day 34

Tea party/Candleligt supper.

day 33

Mom and dad married for 40 years.

day 32

Fun with scouts for a spring weekend at the seaside.

day 31

Sewing through the night and enjoying dawn.

day 30

At the movies with my nephews watching Noah.

day 29

Great concert with symphonic orchestra of our Music Academy and drinks afterwards with me biggest fans.

day 28

Easter eggs made with love by my nephews.


A two hour talk with an old friend I haven't talked to in eight months.
(Picture is of a ceiling in friend's room.)

day 26

Handel's Hallelujah, two times, tenor for the resurrection mass early in the morning, soprano for the family mass later on.

day 25

Preparing for Easter, all aspects of Easter. :)

day 24

Daisies. Daisies everywhere.

day 23

3 new books for my nephews that I'm a godmother to. Plus another book for my friends. ;)

day 22

Fun meeting with scouts.

day 21

Morning date with my dear friend. (She took the only photo though.)

day 20

Practising Beethoven's 5th Symphony.

day 19

Going through old drawings. :D

day 18

Apple pie with a special union jack flag for our entire family.

day 17

Building Lego cars in the early morning with nephews visiting.

day 16

Action group and bike ride afterwards.

day 15

Christian music festival and matching bows in our heads.

day 14

An unplanned Don Quixote ballet with friends.

day 13

Sun, friends, chilling, Happy song, nephews.. :)

day 12

Finding a free parking place at 2am plus it being the closest one to home possible.

day 11

Watching Sherlock in the middle of the day.

day 10

Sewing a new skirt.

day 9

Morning tea with sweet bread.

day 8

Breakfast with my cute little nephews.

day 7

When they know you at kebab stand. :D

day 6

Tea party with my lovely ladies.

day 5

Long night talking and baking with friends and long day with orchestra and choir for an amazing concert.


Sewing a toiletry bag for my mom.

day 3

Shopping in my fabric store.

day 2

More or less aimless walks and bike rides with friends.

day 1

Today I joined this challenge called 100 happy days that tries to make people acknowledge the small things in life and realise that everyday something can make you happy.
It's told that 71% of everyone that started did not finish through, usualy stating that life is too busy for this. But I don't think so, we can take time, we can make time like we do for our favourite tv show, facebook, etc.
So here it is, my first picture. And more will come in the next 100 days.
I joined this project. That's one of the things that made me happy today. :)

Join in! The more the merrier. :)

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