Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Weddings and Wedding Gifts

This past Saturday was quite a day. Two of my friends got married! Woohooo! Well you have to admit that doesn't happen a lot of times. And luckily the ceremonies were one hour apart so I kinda managed to get to them both, kinda. ;)
The brides were both so beautiful and of course matching their new husbands somehow and to keep that going in their lives I made them these gifts. (Which they'll hopefully like.)

For Manca and Tilen this scarf and a bowtie in red colours. I figured Manca is a fan of bright colours (and the wedding proved that) and red is really the colour of love so that couldn't be the wrong choice.
(I also tried to make a nice card but the time was running out and it didn't really come out the way I planned it at first.)
And the newlyweds.

And for the second wedding I knew my friend Jerca is more into light brown colours and not bright ones. So I decided for this heart shaped (kinda) pattern of blue and light brown. Which I hope they'll like. :)
(Tried again with the card, half-failed again.)

 And the newlyweds (pt. 2).

So they can walk through life in style TOGETHER! :)
Congratulations again.


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