Thursday, 27 March 2014

#100happydays Project

Yesterday I joined this challenge called 100 happy days that tries to make people acknowledge the small things in life and realise that everyday something can make you happy.
It's told that 71% of everyone that started did not finish through, usualy stating that life is too busy for this. But I don't think so, we can take time, we can make time like we do for our favourite tv show, facebook, etc.

You can check my pictures and thoughts on my blog, new page called simply #100happydays right here.

Hope you like it and join in as well.

Friday, 21 March 2014

DIY Bow Ties and a Headband

In the past week two of my favourite trumpet players celebrated their birthdays. And what would be a better gift than a stylish satin bow tie? I figured, since they're classical musician, they already have black and white ones so I opted for two shades of grey, no, just kidding, two shades of green. :)
I found one old bow tie my dad has, measured it, figured how to sew it all together and that was pretty much it. You should totally try it yourself, it's really easy.
And since those green bows looked so good I figured I should make a matching headband for myself. So we can all be stylish together, a threesome, as the two guys named us later in the evening, after an amazing concert with our academy choir that you can check here.
I hope I'll find the time to make some more now and hope you do too. :)

Monday, 17 March 2014

DIY Button Necklaces

Friday evening was a perfect time to do something new, especially because I didn't feel like sewing anymore. You know how that works then, you end up browsing random things on the Internet, watch a couple of new episodes of your favourite series and randomly find an idea that usually just ends up in a big folder on your computer. But alas! This Friday was different, I stumbled upon this necklace made with retro looking buttons. And since I just bought hot glue gun a few weeks ago I was eager to try it out more.
Browsing through our home button collection I didn't find enough retro buttons so I just took out all that looked kinda nice and were in shades that I would need for the ideas that were quickly forming in my head.
It probably took me an hour or so to make these 4 necklaces and honestly I'm impressed how well they turned out, didn't expect it, haha.
Oh and to get those ribbons for the necklaces I took a bike to Svet metraže and spent a good hour there, of course as usual, buying more than I need, this time 'only' 4 extra pieces of fabric that I don't really need. Dear me!
Hope you like them.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

'Pust' Carnival Scottish Outfit

So this past week some countries across the world have a carnival for scaring winter away and welcoming spring. For instance carnival in Venice, parade in Rio and also in Slovenia we dress up to, as said before, scare away the winter, an old pagan Slavic tradition. Kind of like Halloween in the USA but we just dress up in everything, not mostly witches and ghosts or whatever Halloween is special for.
To start this properly: last month we bought my brother bagpipes for his name day and just around those days I saw this great deep red woollen tartan fabric in my fabric store and figured why not make myself a Scottish outfit and bring bagpipes with me and have an amazing costume.
And so I bought the entire piece, 2,5 running metres of fabric, and slowly, really slowly, got to execute my idea in full detail.
Plus our 'pust' collided with my name day so our family all got together for lunch, everyone in his or hers costume and it was really a lot of fun as you might've seen on facebook. I love my big family. :)

It was also pretty crazy being in this costume on Tuesday in classes on Academy an on Vsak Študent Pust Party. :D