Thursday, 8 September 2016

And we're back. Back with more bags.

It's been absolutely forever (2 years and almost 4 months) since my last post and quite a bit happened in between that I decided not to post here. Scotland happened and there was so much going on there that I did not manage to keep up with this blog and just plainly decided not to work on it. And another busy year went by when I didn't really make anything to put on here, or I did make something but had no time to take pictures of it and then the excitement was over and things got dirty and so that went down the drain again.

I don't even remember which font I used to use (OK, I checked, of course, it's Georgia).

Here we go. 

These first two bags are both for my sister, she basically wanted one that's the same baroque styled fabric as mine and another small one because she didn't have a cute blue-ish one yet. 

The third one was made for my mom's friend, just as a small something, it's not really anything special and still I feel like it looks really nice in the sun with all the warm tones.

And last but certainly not least is my own new bag. I've had this one cut out for a few months but haven't managed to get enough free time to sit down and think it through. The style of this one was slightly new to me because of the was I wanted it to stand up which meant I had to first sew it together and then somehow put in a plastic board in both front, back and bottom part. It took a while to find the time when I wouldn't have to rush it and now it's done and it's cute and it's also springy and summery... so nothing new really but I'm not in time with the seasons.

Thanks for checking this out, hopefully there will be more posts coming soon.