Saturday, 23 February 2013

New DIY bags

So this week me and my friends were celebrating two birthdays and since I always think the best gift is something you make by yourself and you put yourself into it, put some work into, is the best. At least I know I always feel like that about the gifts I get. :)
And then you can assume what happened. I went to 'Svet metraže' again, bought the fabric, found a great tutorial for bags online, did a couple of alterations and here they are.
And you just need two amazing fabrics, dark lining for the inside inside, an added inner pocket and a longer strap than shown on tutorial because it really just is more usefull.
Hope you like them and I sure will soon be making some more. :)

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Tough week

So this week has been quite tough, started exactly a week ago, on Thursday, 14th February, also known as Valentine's day. For me it wasn't really romantic and yet still meaningful for my life, well at least for now it seems so. And if you're close enough with me you probably already know what I'm talking about.
But I'm feeling great now. Caught up with a few of my other friends already and with all this situation going on I feel really lucky I have them all and can still count on them, even though I haven't really made much time for them before last week.
All this still feels kinda weird, because it's not the same it used to be, my life and my communication themes especially, those back then were really something. ;)
It also seems really hard but I thank God for this, he knows what must be and it's all for the best, I'm sure of it.

Now I can only hope that I can put this behind and share kindness freely and spontaneously like these people in the video below do. Hope you like it. :) It's really worth something.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Carnival mask

This year our scouts' winter weekend fell on the weekend during the 'Mardi Gras season' and therefore we decided to set everything in the 18th century, including clothes. We made some with kids a week before but then I decided to make a better one for Maja and me, so at least the leaders would be dressed properly. ;)
So I just got to it. First I made both dresses and then a coat for Maja and the night before we started with our weekend I finished mine as well, only one hour before departure.
I was trying to go for 18th century, semi-big dresses, big behinds, fluffy sleeves, tight waist..
I tried my best and I did waste quite some time sewing and I hope you like the way it came out.
For hair I found this amazing 18th century hair tutorial that doesn't include any weird things you wouldn't have at home. The only problem is my hair is way longer and heavier so it is not really the same. Well I tried. :)

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Love D. R. J. Beckham

I give you this A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. commercial by Guy Ritchie, starring the hottest guy on Earth:
David Robert Joseph Beckham,
for H&M Spring 2013.
A huge fan and waiting for the day that we will meet. Until I die. :)
H&M, prepare for me. ;)

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Ups and downs

We all have them.
And lately I've had more downs, they were kind off all on the up side in general though, but still it all goes down sometimes. Luckily I have such good friends that they keep me up and know me so good that they understand me and forgive me for my behaviour. I know I was talking about pretty much the same thing some time ago but I still cherish every time something goes down and it all goes up again quickly because of them. And when they're around no bad thing can last. :)
Thank you for all the time you take.
Thank you for the texts and messages.
And thank you for all the little things you do. They mean a lot.
And everything combined means the world. :)

This picture is a long-awaited remake of this one. :)

Friday, 1 February 2013

Mullet skirts

As you may have read I paid a visit to Svet metraže this year already. But not once.
On 19th because I had to catch the general sale. And I did, the fabrics in the previous entry are all from that day.
On 26th with my friend because she needed something and because they had a new sale I had to check out. And because I forgot to buy something the week before.
On 30th with my sister because she got excited about it when she saw my new skirt and because I had to buy another length for a fuller skirt.
On 31st with another friend because we had to get the fabric for our amazing 18th century themed scouts' weekend. :)
And what got me to go there in the first place are these amazing skirts in H&M or Zara or Tally Weijl and all others that are short in the front and long(er) in the back. Which I soon realised are called mullet skirts and are more for Summer but when I make something I have to try it out so you might have seen me around in one of these two skirts and it didn't look all right.

I don't know if they even look good on me, I'm not sure but here are some pictures and therefore please, you be the judge. :)

I had to make this underskirt for the blue mullet skirt so that when I have a British themed outfit I don't have to have the black skirt underneath.

Plus because I can and because these two songs are really great, the first one in all aspects and the second one the chorus lyrics, here they are for you as well.