Friday, 23 August 2013

DIY Bags for my sister Marta and me

A perfect theme for my sister's bag: music. Svet metraže never lets me down and so a month ago I found this awesome fabric with music sheets on and some notes and instruments. Yeah, perfect for someone who studies on Academy of music.
So a few days back when I was already in the mood for sewing
(a bag for my sister Mary, plus helped my just-married friend Nina to re-decorate her cushions and sofa)
I figured it's time to make this music bag as well. It should be done like few weeks back if I'd want to be on time with the present but then busy holidays get in the way.
It took a little bit more time to do the one for my sister, she wanted the two stripes of colour on and have it shaped a bit differently so she can fit in everything for choir practises, plus this fabric is not as stiff so I had to strengthen it up with flizelin. Then for a 'pop' of colour I did the inside all pink. And it looks amazing and my sister loves it which is the most important thing.
And then I was already in the mood and the bag looked so amazing I just had to do another small one out of what was left of the fabric. Here I finally got to use this lace I've been checking out for months at home and did a trick with the bow and it's looking fantastic. I really love it.
And Marta and me get to be bag twins, wootwoot! We already rocked in the theatre on Tuesday. ;)
My sister's bag:

My bag:

Twins :)