Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Purcell's Purse on Facebook

I did it! I finally set up a page on facebook where you can order your own custom made handbag or accessories.
For a while this idea has been walking around in my brain and now last week I made another three bags (two here and one here) which are even better, more perfected, so now I really had to do it. Another reason for not doing it before was that I wanted it to be called something with Purcell in the name and couldn't come up with a good idea by myself. Then today, when we met with friends, I asked them about it and Klara, obviously the smart one, popped out with an amazing idea of adding the word purSe in the title and it sounds the same as PurCe(ll) so what an amazing idea. So we worked together on it for a bit and came up with Purcell's Purse. And later on in the evening Ana helped me with description and so it came together. Thank you, girls, for your help.
You can check it out here now:
A new cover photo.

Friday, 23 August 2013

DIY Bags for my sister Marta and me

A perfect theme for my sister's bag: music. Svet metraže never lets me down and so a month ago I found this awesome fabric with music sheets on and some notes and instruments. Yeah, perfect for someone who studies on Academy of music.
So a few days back when I was already in the mood for sewing
(a bag for my sister Mary, plus helped my just-married friend Nina to re-decorate her cushions and sofa)
I figured it's time to make this music bag as well. It should be done like few weeks back if I'd want to be on time with the present but then busy holidays get in the way.
It took a little bit more time to do the one for my sister, she wanted the two stripes of colour on and have it shaped a bit differently so she can fit in everything for choir practises, plus this fabric is not as stiff so I had to strengthen it up with flizelin. Then for a 'pop' of colour I did the inside all pink. And it looks amazing and my sister loves it which is the most important thing.
And then I was already in the mood and the bag looked so amazing I just had to do another small one out of what was left of the fabric. Here I finally got to use this lace I've been checking out for months at home and did a trick with the bow and it's looking fantastic. I really love it.
And Marta and me get to be bag twins, wootwoot! We already rocked in the theatre on Tuesday. ;)
My sister's bag:

My bag:

Twins :)

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

DIY a bag for my sister Mary

I kept my promise and today it's time to put on this bag I sewed yesterday and that I've probably waited to make it for at least half a year. I wanted to buy this fabric so bad for such a long time but it is super expencive and I didn't know what to do with it. But now the fabric is finally home and here is the new bag for which I know that it'll be perfect. :)
Two matching bags coming on in a few days!

Monday, 19 August 2013

DIY a bag for my mom

A few weeks ago my mom celebrated her birthday and name day and I figured it's a perfect timing to make her a bag. She fancied this fabric that I previously used for Ashley's bag already and so it was decided. So a week or so ago it was finally finished, it took a little bit more time as my mom had some wishes that I gladly took into consideration and this is now the finished product. Hope you like it.
A bit different with two shorter straps.
A bigger inside pocket. There is also a smaller one on the opposite side.
With two smaller squares (different to previous bags) to close your bag.
Voila. :)

Two more bags for my sisters coming on tomorrow or later this week, the work is in progress. Be sure to check them out. :)

Saturday, 10 August 2013

DIY: clutch purse

On Thursday evening, only 2 days before the wedding, I realised that my outfit still doesn't have a purse to match. And what to do then? I rushed into the fabric store, Svet Metraže, with my shoes, picked out the matching fabric and back home to sew. First me and my dad had to finish the movie that was on but the time was running out so I sat behind my desk and after a bit less than two hours I had a new purse. Which came out pretty awesome, since it's the first one of a kind and because it's for the wedding I kinda wanted it to be pretty perfect.
So this is it. A new purse I can make. And it feels good. :)
Hope you like it. Leave your thoughts in the comments below, if you don't mind. :)

Friday, 9 August 2013

Easy DIY: a necklace and a ring

Tomorrow is the day! One of my closest friends from scouts, Nina, is getting married. I can't wait! She is a friend who deserves happiness even more than others. Her kindness is beyond words and she shines like a Sun. Whenever we spend some time together it is fulfilling and inspiring and her words always make me feel better. God couldn't have granted us all with a better and wiser friend. I love you girl and may God bless you  with all the best in marriage with your best friend and a wonderful boyfriend, soon to be husband, Žiga.

And since we all care for you so much we had to prepare ourselves to be the best bridesmaids ever. So since I didn't find some nice jewellery that would match our clothes in the stores I figured I could make my own. And I went to spend some time on pinterest, too much time, and found this picture of a fabric necklace and decided it'll be the one.

Trying to find a nice ribbon or string or rope was actually the most difficult part. In the end I bought some satin ribbon and knit it together into what is now my base for the necklace.
Then all you have to do is cut the fabric in circles, rounds, fold them twice and saw the pointy part to this satin rope. This necklace has around 15 rounds sewn on, each one has approximately 8cm in radius but it varies as I wasn't being super precise because I thought it'll look better like that.
Another thing I did, though not necessary, I slightly burned the edges of the circles. It keeps the threads in place plus somehow gives sort of a more finished look.
Buuut of course I wouldn't be me if I'd be satisfied with only a necklace. So and idea occured to make a bracelet. But that would be too much. So what's left is a ring.
The circles for this have probably only like 2 or 3cm diameter and they work great. Here this chiffon is sewn on the most basic elastic that you can imagine. And it works great. For the ring I used only 6 or 7 circles and burned the edges as well.
Hope you like it and that you'll try it yourself, it really is super easy.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Hair tutorial in pictures

Finally! The long expected hair tutorial that I previously posted is here. Not anyone expected it probably but I know of a few who were getting on me for being late and not posting this one.
The truth is that even though this year I don't have any major trips I am barely found at home. Maybe in the mornings but then I'm off for the day. Which is amazing. But it also means I have no time to work on my blog posts and the fact that it is so hot out made it harder to see eye to eye with my straightener. :)
But let's cut to the chase now.
I do apologise for not putting up a video, I'll try to do that as well, but I'm not the best hairstylist and it took too much time so the video would be boring by all means. And my editing skills.. well let's just say I don't know if I have any at all.

All photos by: A. Sečnik