Friday, 27 December 2013

Merry (belated) Christmas

In translation: Merry Christmas

But the holidays didn't go without preparations. This past Sunday I went to bed at 6am only to finish the decorations for the tree, almost 2 kilos of cookies, a handbag - gift for my sister, decorated our place a bit and sewed the late St. Nicholas' gift for my sister's family.
But.. I love being a great elf. :)
Hope your holidays are as wonderful and eventful as they can be.
Merry Christmas everyone! God bless you.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Christmas Decorations at my place

Nothing new that I love December and Christmas, right? Well if it is new to you check some of the previous entries, otherwise just keep on reading. :)
It wouldn't be a proper post if I wouldn't mention my fabric store. Yes, I was there a few times again and bought all these cute Christmas themed fabrics. If you have time go check them out as they are 15% off this week.
So they all have a purpose and I've actually already used some of them.
From the left the first one is now a table cloth that I absolutely love.
Second one, super cute hearts, are a part of another table cloth and also Christmas tree ornaments.
The next one is my favourite because of the reindeers and the print that is actually soft, sort of velvety, and used it to make gift pouches. (Picture of that coming as soon as I make another one.)
Then Christmas trees for Christmas tree ornaments. Tree-ception. ;)
The red with golden print will serve for out home decoration that is not yet done and also you can check it out on a Christmas bag I made.
Last but not least and the only one that doesn't have a purpose yet is the one with the loveliest hearts. I might just use these for some more ornaments for the windows or something. Or if you have any ideas, please do share. :)
I'll try to put a tutorial of this ornaments up tomorrow but maybe on Thursday or Maybe even Friday. Bear with me. :)
Then yesterday I got this Christmas sock from my dear Hilary and is now already up on the wall. :)
Oh and thought I'd try how to scene my table for Christmas. It's too early though so I put the cribs away for a few more days but I like it a lot so here it is.

Oh, plus, I tried this on my nails and it kinda worked. I was going for Christmas holly on my nails and well it's pretty good, OK at least, especially if you consider the fact that I don't have any special thin brushes. Anyway I like it because it's Christmaaas. :)
Hope you're enjoying your December. :)

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Busy practices for opera La Cecchina

And tired. Too tired to put any interesting new posts on, maybe tomorrow, but not today, too much to do.

I just came home from Academy, 5 hours of practice is not such fun. And a few hours yesterday were not fun as well. And tomorrow they won't be either.
But in the end it will all be worth it so reserve your time on 9th and 10th January to come see La Cecchina - La buona figliuola, an italian opera buffa written by Niccolo Piccinni in 1760.
You can get your tickets and read more about the production here.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Slovenian bloggers: Slovenian Bloggers 25. 11. - 1. 12.

I started posting my blogs on this amazing site that brought slovene bloggers together. Voila. :)

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Friday, 6 December 2013

DIY Christmas Tree Nails Decoration and St. Nicholas

Saint Nicholas stopped by tonight! We went to see him yesterday already with my nephews and then at home he was super great this year and brought me a gift card for (yeah you guessed it) Svet metraže. And some other treats and I even got some presents from my sister. But that will be another post on Sunday about that because we'll have a family meeting and well, I think I might get some more. :D (I'm very humble, I know.)
Also yesterday we had a party with some friends from Academy and my gift partner brought me an amazing tea set. Thank you, Jernej, so much. It's already in good use.

But today's post is not about Nicholas but about my Christmas tree nails I did two days ago. I don't have much equipment so it could be better but I tried my best and here is sort of a tutorial to see how to make your own. Of course the choice of colours is yours. Plus I was in a bit of a rush so there's no base coat, only top one.

Use tape to create a triangle for the tree. If you're putting a base coat make sure you use a tape that won't peel off that layer.
Colour and let it dry.
Take the tape off and then decide what colour you'll use for the decorations and what pattern you'll make.
I did the strips and a dot on the top, supposedly a star.
Add a clear top layer and voila.
And now you're ready to show off these nails in your fingerless gloves while sipping mulled wine in a decorated city center.
Enjoy your weekend. :)
PS: These guys are amazing!

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

DIY Advent Garland from Toilet Paper Rolls

This past two months I've constantly been seeing this idea on facebook sites and pinterest and everywhere and it seemed really easy. And it is. :)
I know it's a little late to put this idea on since advent already started this Sunday but you can always decorate your house a bit more. And you can do this with your kids because it's really super super easy.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Happy December is ON! :)

Started on time this year! And the fact that start of the advent colides with the date is absolutely perfect as well. :)
So even though the lights of Ljubljana are not yet lit (Tuesday, Dec 3 if you want to go check it out) I am in the mood for decorations and outfits and nails and songs, oh especially songs. And especially my favourite Most Wonderful Time of the Year by Andy Williams.
Here's now what I came up with already and I'll put on more detailed collages soon, as usual.
Our 'December' Table Cloth in the making
New 'Happy December' Bag
Advent Garland from toilet paper roll
Biscuits, of course, like last year
New skirt and shawl, fabric from Svet metraže, thanks to Eva for the pic
As you know, I LOVE December. And spread this love even if just by giving a smile to someone, because this month is especially good for doing so, and it might, no, it WILL make someone's day. :)
Hope you like the pics and enjoy December. :)