Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Weddings and Wedding Gifts

This past Saturday was quite a day. Two of my friends got married! Woohooo! Well you have to admit that doesn't happen a lot of times. And luckily the ceremonies were one hour apart so I kinda managed to get to them both, kinda. ;)
The brides were both so beautiful and of course matching their new husbands somehow and to keep that going in their lives I made them these gifts. (Which they'll hopefully like.)

For Manca and Tilen this scarf and a bowtie in red colours. I figured Manca is a fan of bright colours (and the wedding proved that) and red is really the colour of love so that couldn't be the wrong choice.
(I also tried to make a nice card but the time was running out and it didn't really come out the way I planned it at first.)
And the newlyweds.

And for the second wedding I knew my friend Jerca is more into light brown colours and not bright ones. So I decided for this heart shaped (kinda) pattern of blue and light brown. Which I hope they'll like. :)
(Tried again with the card, half-failed again.)

 And the newlyweds (pt. 2).

So they can walk through life in style TOGETHER! :)
Congratulations again.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

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Saturday, 10 May 2014

DIY Dress Your Basket

So as usual it all started with me going to Svet metraže, my fabric store. And as I'm going through new fabric they got this week one print really caught my eye because it had small birds on and cute little crochet flowers. I wanted to make something for my mom but wasn't sure what to. So I only bought a few things and left that one on the shelf. But don't worry, I was back the next day with an idea that kinda came up the day before already but I just wasn't sure about it at first.
(I was also there in the fabric store yesterday, for a good hour, again, but that's another story.)

So yes, it was set that I'm covering my mom's knitting/crocheting basket where she keeps all her tools and what she's working on at the moment.
I had to wait to have enough time home alone to finish without her seeing it in between and yesterday that came around.
I bought 30cm of fabric and some elastic, then at home measured how much I really need for a basket and did a loop out of a 26x130cm. All around on both sides I folded it twice for like 1 cm so I can later put in elastic.
Somewhere leave a centimeter or two open so you'll be able to put the elastic in somewhere. On one end of elastic put a safety pin on and work with that through your edge. When you have both ends out stitch them together, push it in the fabric and close the small opening with a few stitches.
Once you've put the elastic in upper and lower edge just take your basket
and put your loop of fabric around it.
And that's it. My mom loves it and it makes me super extremely happy whenever I can make her happy. :)

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

DIY New Bags - New Style

So recently I made these two bags, super cute, quite big and with additional makeup/toiletry bags.

Hope you like them.


Saturday, 12 April 2014

Union Jack Apple Pie

My sister is visiting this weekend and since her favourite dessert is my mom's homemade apple pie we had to make it. Usually my mom makes it but this week she's had some problems with her knees and I told her I'll help. But then you can't just make it as plain and boring as usual (it's always pretty though anyway) I did it my way. (Like Sinatra.)
And this was the final result.

Well this one actually, it's better, and healthier, when baked. ;)

Thursday, 27 March 2014

#100happydays Project

Yesterday I joined this challenge called 100 happy days that tries to make people acknowledge the small things in life and realise that everyday something can make you happy.
It's told that 71% of everyone that started did not finish through, usualy stating that life is too busy for this. But I don't think so, we can take time, we can make time like we do for our favourite tv show, facebook, etc.

You can check my pictures and thoughts on my blog, new page called simply #100happydays right here.

Hope you like it and join in as well.

Friday, 21 March 2014

DIY Bow Ties and a Headband

In the past week two of my favourite trumpet players celebrated their birthdays. And what would be a better gift than a stylish satin bow tie? I figured, since they're classical musician, they already have black and white ones so I opted for two shades of grey, no, just kidding, two shades of green. :)
I found one old bow tie my dad has, measured it, figured how to sew it all together and that was pretty much it. You should totally try it yourself, it's really easy.
And since those green bows looked so good I figured I should make a matching headband for myself. So we can all be stylish together, a threesome, as the two guys named us later in the evening, after an amazing concert with our academy choir that you can check here.
I hope I'll find the time to make some more now and hope you do too. :)

Monday, 17 March 2014

DIY Button Necklaces

Friday evening was a perfect time to do something new, especially because I didn't feel like sewing anymore. You know how that works then, you end up browsing random things on the Internet, watch a couple of new episodes of your favourite series and randomly find an idea that usually just ends up in a big folder on your computer. But alas! This Friday was different, I stumbled upon this necklace made with retro looking buttons. And since I just bought hot glue gun a few weeks ago I was eager to try it out more.
Browsing through our home button collection I didn't find enough retro buttons so I just took out all that looked kinda nice and were in shades that I would need for the ideas that were quickly forming in my head.
It probably took me an hour or so to make these 4 necklaces and honestly I'm impressed how well they turned out, didn't expect it, haha.
Oh and to get those ribbons for the necklaces I took a bike to Svet metraže and spent a good hour there, of course as usual, buying more than I need, this time 'only' 4 extra pieces of fabric that I don't really need. Dear me!
Hope you like them.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

'Pust' Carnival Scottish Outfit

So this past week some countries across the world have a carnival for scaring winter away and welcoming spring. For instance carnival in Venice, parade in Rio and also in Slovenia we dress up to, as said before, scare away the winter, an old pagan Slavic tradition. Kind of like Halloween in the USA but we just dress up in everything, not mostly witches and ghosts or whatever Halloween is special for.
To start this properly: last month we bought my brother bagpipes for his name day and just around those days I saw this great deep red woollen tartan fabric in my fabric store and figured why not make myself a Scottish outfit and bring bagpipes with me and have an amazing costume.
And so I bought the entire piece, 2,5 running metres of fabric, and slowly, really slowly, got to execute my idea in full detail.
Plus our 'pust' collided with my name day so our family all got together for lunch, everyone in his or hers costume and it was really a lot of fun as you might've seen on facebook. I love my big family. :)

It was also pretty crazy being in this costume on Tuesday in classes on Academy an on Vsak Študent Pust Party. :D

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Black tea with whipped cream and chocolate liquor

This is a drink I tried in the old part of Ljubljana in Čajna hiša. It seemed weird enough and sounded amazing enough to pay some extra cents to try it out.
And later on it was impossible not to try make it at home. And well you can imagine it is not difficult to make. Basically you brew your black tea, add some liquor and whipped cream on top. The cream will kinda dissolve into tea and when that happens I usually just add more. ;) But then you can quickly really just eat tons of whipped cream which is not good if you're kinda watching over your weight or healthy eating. You'll still have a sweet cream foam as a top layer that will leave you with a nice creamstache. :)
Hope you like it. :)

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

DIY Matching Hand- and Makeup Bag for my Sister's Birthday

My favourite sister had her 30th birthday today! Wow, she's getting old. ;) Well honestly it is a bit scary as she's almost the youngest in our family and then I'll be thirty soon, huge problems, I tell you. :D
So she had an idea a while ago for this bag she saw on one girl that is really big but you can flip it over if you don't need that much space. And this 'cover' or whatever you call it is really awesome because then you can do two different styles, one on each side and then wear it however you feel like on a specific day. Well sides do have to match, but still, it's almost like you would have to different bags. Amazing, right?

Just one minus: you can't really do an inside pocket on this bag because you flip it over and then that pocket would either flip with the 'cover' or it would be way to deep in the bag to really be of any use.
But that is not a problem if your sister then decides to do another matching toiletry/makeup/whatever-is-small bag. So this was actually a gift, the big bag was planned for a month or two already and just somehow we ended up sewing it in time for her birthday. Perfect. :)
Hope you like it. :)
And a very happy birthday, Marta. <3

PS: Because I haven't mentioned my fabric store in a while don't think I forgot about it. Last week I was there 4 times. Yes, 4 times. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Wednesday. Overdoing it? Never! :)

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

New DIY Toiletry/Make-up Bags

So it has been a crazy crazy month. Two orchestra project, even more concerts (you can check them on our Academy's youtube channel) and it doesn't go without practise, of course. That's why I haven't been on here much, I apologise.
But even though there were no new posts here it doesn't mean that I didn't make/do anything worth writing about. I made around 10 toiletry/make-up bags, some for gifts, some just because I was asked to. I really like them, they're just so cute. Hope you do to.

If you know me well enough and we're close friends you can expect one like this for a birthday or something. Otherwise just order away and check my facebook page for all the possibilities and discounts. :)

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Liebster Award

So about 10 days ago I got a special comment by one my favourite bloggers Petra from Adjusting Beauty blog (I found her on this blog that unites Slovenian Bloggers) in my #SherlockLives post saying that I was nominated for Liebster blog award. Sooo exciting!
And now I'm finally getting back at it. I'm glad I 'have' to because otherwise this blog wouldn't see any new posts in this busy month of January.

The rules for the Liebster Award:
1.   Thank the person who nominated you and link back up to their blog.
2.   State 11 facts about yourself.
3.   Answer the 11 questions given to you by the nominator.
4.   Nominate 11 other bloggers for this award who have less than 200 followers.
5.   Create 11 questions for your nominees to answer.
6.   Let the nominees know that they have been nominated by going to their blog and notifying them.

11 facts about me

1. I love everything that smells of UK. As you might have noticed.

2. I used to be such a huge fan of David Beckham that because he was a face of Pepsi I had one shelf full of all the different Pepsi bottles and cans from all over Europe.

3. When times get busy (like for example every January) my room is a complete mess and to get to my sewing machine I put everything from the table on my bed and then before I go to bed I just put it back on the table. Which is super stupid but I don't have enough space for my sewing passion.

4. I don't drink coffee ever, I honestly hate everything coffee-like, even chocolate that smells stinks of it.

5. I am somehow also a huge fan of everything retro. And well for now I can only wish it but maybe one day I can run a style like that if the wallet allows.

6. For the longest time I was crazy about yellow (my room is still yellow and green) simply because Orlando Bloom said once that his favourite colour is yellow. And as you can guess I was crazy about him.

7. Crazy about him to the point that for entire 8th grade I would have my hair up like he does in The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Like every day. And back then it really didn't even suit me. Ah heck it.

8. I cut my own hair so then I can only blame myself for the mess and not the hairdresser and you can't really be mad at them so then your hair just sucks for some time and nothing you can do about it. So yes, for probably last 8 years I've only gone to the hair saloon for prom, but that only meant styling.

9. I can't really sleep on a bus, ever. There was just one time when we went to Spain and I only had 10 hours of sleep total for the previous 5 nights.

10. I got used to travelling light, with only carry on, which also means I'm a huge bear on every flight back dressed in multiple new additions to my wardrobe.

11. I study viola on Academy of Music in Ljubljana, Slovenia. I hope to get into an Erasmus student exchange in Autumn, hopefully Glasgow, UK.

I nominate these 11 bloggers:

3. ash.

11 Questions

1. Which qualities do you like about your friends?
Understanding for my lack of time.

2. What's your favorite perfume ever?
As horrible as that is I do not remember the name. Bought it in Grasse, 
France, one of their brand.

3. If you could eat one type of candy forever, what would it be?
Candy canes, original mint flavour.

4. What's your favorite fashion item that you wish you could pull off,
 but can't?
Anything strapless, that's usually where the problem lies and therefore can't
wear anything like that.

5. What do you remember better words or pictures?

6. What could you not live without: music, movies or books?
Music, as that will be my bread one day too soon.

7. What's your favorite type of workout?
Difficult to say. Eat less or something. :D I do go places with a bike
 or up a hill sometimes.

8. What is your favorite animated movie?
I'm a pretty huge fan of Mulan, but there are definitely many amazing ones.

9. On which products do you spend the most money (clothes, makeup,
 skincare, body care, home decor...)?
Clothes and home decor.

10. What's the most unhealthy thing that you do?
I guess junk food when I'm too busy and not enough sleep, always.

11. What's the dish that you are the best at making it? Share your secret :).
It's nothing special but I'm kinda known for pizza on toast. :)

My questions for you:

1. What's your favourite nail polish colour?
2. What colour is usually your bed?
3. Which season of the year is your favourite?
4. And which tv series is your favourite and which season of it? 
5. When you dream do you dream from your perspective or a third person's?
6. In Winter, do you prefer cozy living room or snow covered hilltops?
7. What is your favourite food?
8. Which country is your dream one to live in?
9. What is the furthest destination you ever travelled to?
10. Who is the most important person in your life?
11. Which Disney princess is your favourite?

Thursday, 2 January 2014


Well I had multiple ideas for a new blog, like new year or some of the bags I sewed lately. But well.. nothing matches up and nothing is more important than the fact that SHERLOCK IS ALIVE! And back. After two years.
First we got the prequel a week ago. At least something to end this 2-year misery.
Then new episode. Live streaming it of course. It worked, luckily.
First this happens. All of a sudden some strangely familiar language comes on, hello Serbia, and Sherlock all weirdly medieval.

Then Molly and Sherlock lock lips. Weird again, doesn't make sense and yet it's awesome! Plus this escape plan.. pretty good. And proved wrong.
Science of deduction. Let's just start with that. Sherlock didn't lost his sense.
Then our french Sherlock comes up. <3 And Watson is too dumb to notice him. Like come on, John, you're not deaf or blind.
Yeah, that's what we all wanted, well we knew but still it was a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong wait.
Honestly, I was more on the side of how, rather than why.
Then we meet Mrs. Hudson, whose reaction was a bit weird, I'd be happier to see Sherlock, but probably she just thought he's a ghost or something. Love her though. Especially the way she talk to John again. Priceless.
And Lestrade. Such a cute hug.
(PS: At this point I would like to publicly ask if anyone cares about Anderson cuz I don't. Just saying, cuz he's not appearing here.)
And we finally lose the movember. All because of Sherlock. <3
Wait, stop.
What the heck is this?!

Are you making everyone feel stupid?
Well this entire scene.. I just.. was kinda hoping this kiss would go through though *blush* but I'm glad it was just a stupid idea.
And we meet Sherlock's parents. Also Benedict's real-life parents. So cute.
Then we go and start a real mission to block a terrorist attack.
That almost ends tragically. But instead gives us a romantic scene with Sherlock and Watson. And much fun.
I'm glad it all went well and we even meet Molly's boyfriend. Definitely her type.
Uuhm, what?!
Oh yeah, and this is how Sherlock supposedly survived, all a huge plot to keep John from knowing, the entire street closed and everyone payed to play his/hers role. At least that's what Sherlock tells Anderson.
So waiting fror 3 more days for episode no. 2! Aaaaa! Can't wait!

Cheekbones. The end.