Saturday, 10 August 2013

DIY: clutch purse

On Thursday evening, only 2 days before the wedding, I realised that my outfit still doesn't have a purse to match. And what to do then? I rushed into the fabric store, Svet Metraže, with my shoes, picked out the matching fabric and back home to sew. First me and my dad had to finish the movie that was on but the time was running out so I sat behind my desk and after a bit less than two hours I had a new purse. Which came out pretty awesome, since it's the first one of a kind and because it's for the wedding I kinda wanted it to be pretty perfect.
So this is it. A new purse I can make. And it feels good. :)
Hope you like it. Leave your thoughts in the comments below, if you don't mind. :)


  1. huda luda, res. (:
    pa v živo je še lepša!

    1. Hvala. Res je fora, ni tok trajal šivanje, čeprou ni blo lih lahko. :)