Wednesday, 20 March 2013

DIY bags, tie necklaces and a cake

Dear all, Ana is back. :)
And in order to make her something for the welcome gift I took a trip to Svet metraže
(where I might even start working if all goes well and there won't be enough people who are actually studying something fabric-connected).
But if we go back to our main story I went there and spent another hour and a half picking out the right fabric to make my friend a bag and an additional fabric for the flower... because it seemed right.
When I stepped in the store I realised I might find a fabric that would have something German on and it did take quite some time because the lady there didn't really think they have anything so I just kept looking. And while doing that I got a fabric with polka dots on the table, another one with flowers, found the third one in another corner that is sort of 18th century like with these little engravings on. Plus another fabric with books that I just have to have and am still thinking what I could make out of it that wouldn't be a bag.
After finding the fabric with Branderburg gate on it I still had to talk to a few consultants of mine, just to be sure this will be the right choice.
With a green flower on to match the beetle and to put more colour to it.
And I guess it was. It really worked out well.
Then of course I had to make a cake, every celebration has to have one. So I went and bought pineapple pieces, blueberries, raspberries and some cream. And at home it all transformed into a heart-shaped cake with a German flag on it (blueberries tend to look black so it worked).
And just because I love Ana and I like these tie necklaces I made that for her as well and on it put another tiny flower to match the bag.
Hope you like them all. :)
Below you can see another bag, this one I made for Rahela, similar to the one I made about 3 weeks ago but is shaped slightly different.


  1. Replies
    1. In a good way? ;)
      Hvala. :) Tvoje odobravanje mi veliko pomeni. :)

  2. ful lepo. (:
    a si mela to kšn kroj za tole anino torbo? ker mi je ful všeč format. mam že en kroj sicer ogledan, da si bom svojo nardila, sam še nism pršla do trgovine, tko da si loh še premislm. (: res res lepo, upam da js tut dobim kej španskega, k pridem iz valencie. (: hihi.*

    1. Hvala. :)
      Ma zanč sm sicr najdla en kroj, ampak pol že zanč nism nardila čist po tistem, zdej pa skos še bl prilagajam. :) Ni težko, sej veš. ;)
      Ja seveda, kej bomo že najdl. Kkšno miniaturno rožco kumot. :D
      :) *