Monday, 1 April 2013

Happy Easter

Or Benedictus Pascha. It's what my lovely friend Eva would prefer. ;)
Hope you had an amazing time with your family and/or friends, took some time for yourselves, rest (probably not from what I know but still)
and most of all experienced and felt once more the love of God that is above all.

But as you all know we still do need earthly food to keep our bodies going and because it's Easter and because we had a big party yesterday at our place I figured I should make something.
And thanks to my friend Joy I knew just what to do. On Monday, on the most amazing pre-Easter party with Vsak študent (Every Student) organisation she made these little chocolate nests and I thank her again for the idea.

It's so easy to make. And no baking.
All you need is dark chocolate for cooking, pretzel sticks and chocolate eggs.
To melt the chocolate you might want to add some butter and/or milk.

And don't worry about the pretzel being salty and chocolate sweet. It couldn't work better together. ;)

 Now the first thing you have to do is crumble the pretzel sticks so they fit in the muffin paper cups and put them in the most random way you can so you form a sort of a nest.

Then melt the chocolate carefully so it doesn't boil and become all gummy. pour it over the sticks and make sure it connects everything so it will stick together later.

On top of it put a chocolate egg so the nest is more obvious.

Now you're pretty much done but do keep them somewhere cold before you serve them so the chocolate hardens and holds everything together.
Before you serve them try to take them out of the paper cup and place it on a tray. Et voilà. You're all set for a perfect Easter themed snack.
Bon appétit! :)