Saturday, 10 May 2014

DIY Dress Your Basket

So as usual it all started with me going to Svet metraže, my fabric store. And as I'm going through new fabric they got this week one print really caught my eye because it had small birds on and cute little crochet flowers. I wanted to make something for my mom but wasn't sure what to. So I only bought a few things and left that one on the shelf. But don't worry, I was back the next day with an idea that kinda came up the day before already but I just wasn't sure about it at first.
(I was also there in the fabric store yesterday, for a good hour, again, but that's another story.)

So yes, it was set that I'm covering my mom's knitting/crocheting basket where she keeps all her tools and what she's working on at the moment.
I had to wait to have enough time home alone to finish without her seeing it in between and yesterday that came around.
I bought 30cm of fabric and some elastic, then at home measured how much I really need for a basket and did a loop out of a 26x130cm. All around on both sides I folded it twice for like 1 cm so I can later put in elastic.
Somewhere leave a centimeter or two open so you'll be able to put the elastic in somewhere. On one end of elastic put a safety pin on and work with that through your edge. When you have both ends out stitch them together, push it in the fabric and close the small opening with a few stitches.
Once you've put the elastic in upper and lower edge just take your basket
and put your loop of fabric around it.
And that's it. My mom loves it and it makes me super extremely happy whenever I can make her happy. :)


  1. Kok lepo! <3
    Tud js bi nekoč tok kul hčer. ;)
    Pozdravi mami. :)

    1. Jaaa, ful. :D Blago je čist cukrasto.
      Hehe, ja dobr so me vzgojil al neki. ;)
      Takoj, ko pride domou. :)

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