Friday, 30 November 2012

Hobbit premiere

Waaa! Just found out where it will be held and as it is a royal premiere I'll get to see the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as well! Aaaaaa, I'm so so sooo excited! Can't wait!
Only twelve days left.

Henna - how to

Or to my friends known as kana in translation is an amazing Indian flowering plant to dye your skin with, paint your fingernails (which sometimes happens to me by mistake and lack of preparations) and of course to dye your hair. And that is what I do every now and then, approximately 3 times a year. It has the advantage that it slowly fades so you don't have to colour it every two weeks to hide your new grown hair.
Plus I LOVE the colour.
You can buy your original henna in Sariko in Nazarjeva street in Ljubljana for no more than 6EUR and you can use it for two persons or twice, of course it all depends on the length of your hair.
Don't worry, that's how it should look. And the smell is also not pleasant but you will get used to it. The texture should be like a mashed potato, if it runs too much it will be all over your back even though you put plastic foil over your hair. For the temperature increases inside and it will only run more and more as the time goes by.
You should leave it on for two hours and then wash it as best as you can. If you want it a bit darker you can mix the powder with black tea. Also after a few days it will fade a bit so it won't be as flashy as the first two days.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Can't wait

I honestly can't wait for December to come, first London and Oxford, then holidays and afterwards hopefully a day for me. :)

Monday, 26 November 2012

Adoramus concert

Yesterday I had the privilege to work with Mr Marjan Grdadolnik again. This time as a part of a Gospel and popular songs concert that was organised by KUD Adoramus in Logatec. It was a really varied program as there were many different participants such as children's choir, youth choir, SPES - the accompanying band, additional chamber string orchestra, tambourica group Vremščica, Eva Hren as a lead vocal and Gregor Čušin, an actor.
It was all very thrilling, the songs were amazing, the interpretation impeccable and the voices flawless.
I am glad I got to be there, perform and be a part of something so great.
Thank you all for coming.

My favourites: Ruža crvena, sung by Adoramus men's choir, and Adiemus (don't have their recording yet) with Estera Stojko as the perfect soloist.

Sunday, 25 November 2012


A city on the west side of France, quite big, has tramway and also an university where my dearest friend Vita is currently on an exchange. She kindly invited me to come so Jan and I were there for 3 days and we had a really good time. :)
Thank you again, Vita, for everything. <3

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Burda and quality sewing

Last week my mom bought me a magazine, Burda, a sewing manual with patterns and all. I was really moved. I didn't expect it at all. Didn't think of it and would never. :)
So now I can really start to sew. Properly. And maybe more than just three different things which are by now a skirt, dress 1 and dress 2. I did try to sew a tunic and it did come out pretty OK but it's the fabric that's the problem as it keeps ripping at the stitches. 
Well now everything can and hopefully will improve. :)
Thank you, mom. <3

An thank you, Maja, for some sewing equipment. :)

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Yesterday and movies

As you have maybe read in my previous entry I had a lot planned for yesterday. It was a lovely Saturday, I had all the time to myself, and out of the things on the to-do list I finished with union jack pattern on my room's ceiling which was harder than expected. I did practise as well and don't worry, I ate too much. :)
But mostly I can describe yesterday by going to the movies.
For once I loved the commercials, well, only the one for The Hobbit, of course.

First movie of the day: Brave by Disney with my nephews and I loved it, all Celtic and the accent was just perfect.
I recommend it. But if you just watch it on your home screen it will be fine too.

And later on Jan and I went to see Skyfall. We wanted to go earlier of course, as a true Bond fans, but illness was against it. And it was so worth it! Every cent. Even though my wallet isn't really full at all. I would, no, I will go again. :) I LOVEd it!
And Adele did it justice with title song as well.
I recommend this one even more. It is one of the best Bond movies ever. Way better than the previous one, I can assure you that. With a lot of London in between. <3

Lastly I bought the tickets for Twilight already, I know it's not the best movie and all but as a fan I have to go see it on the first day of showing. ;)
Yet it only deserves a picture of this size. Especially so near to Bond.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

To do today

- eat breakfast
- draw the lines for the British flag on the ceiling
- practise viola
- sew a skirt, a bag, a dress, or another dress, or a tunic
- make another three of those fabric 'wallpapers'
- eat something in between
- practise some more

I guess I better start this lovely day asap. :)

PS: Does anyone has any ideas what music I can listen to meanwhile?

Friday, 9 November 2012

Happy December?

Yesterday I am going to the centre with a bus and there is this weird truck aside the road and reaching toward the trees. I look up and there is a man, a worker. I thought well isn't that a bit late to cut the branches? And then it was suddenly there. Hard to see. A rope with thousands and thousands small lights on. They are already decorating the city. I guess this year is really coming to an end, quickly, too fast. I haven't even properly started with this year yet, not even in school (God help me), and here it is, almost over? Well not really, but time does fly by. I look forward to December though (as November is just a crappy month) and I hope it will somehow last long, well I hope it'll feel this way. And hopefully I won't catch a nasty cold before the calendar turns. Cold, you can swing by later, I know you will. It's somehow inevitable.

And to all of you who are not from Ljubljana, do come and spend a few days here during Christmas and New Year, it is stunningly lovely around here.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

My new favourite store

Svet metraže, what else were you thinking?
I do spend too much time and money there, I have been there 3 times last week and some employees already know me. Yes! Mission accomplished. I always somehow secretly wanted that. And in a good store, not on a kebab stand where this somehow happens too.
I got 4 new fabrics and I already made a skirt for myself, a dress for my sister-in-law, and something to put on the wall that I just don't know what to call. You can see on the pictures below. Hope you like them.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012


Movies and music. And what is better than the combination of these two? :) Nothing, that's right.
On Sunday we had two wonderful concerts in Vrhnika with Cantabile, an orchestra originally from Logatec. We played a lot of famous movie themes including Titanic, Robin Hood, Gladiator, Pirates of the Caribbean and also some amazing songs from Slovene movies and series with my all time favourite Kekčeva pesem. Thanks to everyone that came, the choir and to all the soloists, who worked even harder to make this evening special and perfect. Finally thanks to our conductor who works with us as much as needed and is very patient, even though we are not always properly prepared for the practice or even present. Thank you.

Plus Lord of the Dance, an extra song, to announce the coming concerts for new year. I LOVE it. Hope you'll enjoy it too. Next time in our edition.


Yesterday I added a new section to my blog with all the labels marked and most used and all. Which is something I just LOVE to check on every page.

I have to thank my lovely friend Neža for starting this and showing it to me through her blog plus kindly leading me on to how and where I can find this.
So I spend an hour in the afternoon editing the posts and adding labels that seemed logical and not too specific. I certainly hope I did a good job and that you'll like to check it out just like I do.
Enjoy the day with a smile on your face.

Monday, 5 November 2012

All Hallows' Eve

Or as it is more known: Halloween.
Many Slovenians don't like it but personally I have nothing against it.

Once more I made our lovely cupcakes, around 50 this time, for scouts' meeting, family and random friends.
Hope you like them and already feel sorry for not tasting them. ;)