Wednesday, 26 December 2012

New addition to my winter clothes..

.. is again something I made. A bolero from this soft, furlike fabric I bought a few weeks ago and haven't got the time to sew it before.
I even managed to make a hood as it wasn't in the first plan because of course I didn't want to buy more fabric than I already did. But I managed, precise cutting and all. ;)
Hope you like it. :)

Sunday, 23 December 2012


I always say my favourite store is Müller, and for maybe half a year now I usually say Svet metraže, but this week I'm convinced again that my favourite store is Primark. Every time I go to London I bring home too many things. Well there is never too many, just for the sake of my carry on baggage and my travel condition of being dressed as an Eskimo.
It's all worth it though, the empty wallet and less money on the bank account is not really a problem when you realise how much you got for the same amount that would only be enough for like 3 things in Slovenia.
Beside Primark there are always these little shops on the streets where they sell everything British. And since they are pretty cheap, at least the things I was looking at, I finally brought home some Union Jack themed stuff that I can use every day. Like for example my new wallet. I just love it.
So do go to London, I just gave you another great reason for it. :)
PS: The picture does not contain everything I bought. There are more gloves and another shirt that my friend already got when we met.

Saturday, 22 December 2012

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey UK Premiere

Well as you may have realised from my previous posts I have travelled to London last week to join the most amazing event of the year - premiere of the first film of The Hobbit Trilogy.
It was 7am when I got there, got my number for the line and waited.
And waited.
And then we moved a bit.
And waited.
And waited.
And then it finally started at 5.30pm. All going pretty slow and yet so fast that you can't really manage your book, pen, camera, words and hands well. Still I managed to get almost all the autographs, except my dear Richard (Thorin Oakenshield), but that's another story, also Billy and Dominic (Pipin and Merry) were late so they pretty much just ran by and waved. Princ William arrived even later and just drove by but even just a sight of him is priceless.
Plus the movie is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. You should all go see it. Twice. At least. ;)

And now we wait for the next part.
And before that for the airlines to start selling tickets for December 2013. I'll be the first one tu buy them that's for sure.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

British cake

I'm leaving for London in two days which is so exciting that I couldn't help but make something British connected again.
So yesterday was the day when I made an Union Jack cake for the very first time. It took me rather long as I had never done anything with this kind of dough before so that was new, plus of course I had to pretty much place every single berry by itself so I could make the flag as accurate as possible.

Between layers I put sweet cream with raspberries and on top we have redcurrants and blueberries that would be a better colour if they'd be fresh but it's December so that was the only thing I had. For the lines I just used some more sweet cream, almost run out of it but it ended up being OK nevertheless.

Hope you like it, hope you'll make it too one day and don't forget to post pictures. :)

Friday, 7 December 2012

Svet metraže strikes again

Today I went there to buy one piece of fabric. One. Of course I came out with two. Before I sat down in my car I realised I forgot to buy another fabric so I went back in and got out with three new pieces. When I thanked the employers for their help I already added that I'm not coming back. But never say never, I was back in two minutes, figuring out that if I bought the previous fabric I have to buy something else as well. So I come out with three new additions again. This time, after thanking them again, I even said that it's the last time they're seeing me today, that I already spend so much. I got into my car, drove home and before the last turn I remembered that I forgot a tape for side lining and drove back. The thing is I have to get everything finished in 5 days so I had to hurry back because tomorrow I might not have time for it. Stepping in the store I was laughing to myself quietly and they were too because I spent a good hour and a half there today already. And still I was back. Didn't end up buying tape but lead to buying another fabric, twice as much as I was thinking about the first time I entered the store today. Needless to say I thanked them again, told them it's their fault that I'm buying so much, blaming it on all the choices, started to think of buying some fleece because it's 20% off, but after kind words I did leave the store, Svet metraže, my absolute favourite, and finally got home after two hours.
Well, like my dear friend always says: 'You do only live once'. ;)

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Lights and Snow

Yep, the lights are lit for happy December plus it's snowing here in Ljubljana and it stuck over the night, finally. And stuck on my nails for a bit as well.

Saturday, 1 December 2012

December baking with slovene recipes

Yesterday our place was like a saint Nicholas' workshop. My mom and I made over 500 gingerbread biscuits. December really started and I'm counting down the days for all the perfect moments this month will bring.

25dag masla
6 jajc
25dag sladkorja
25dag medu
klinčki, cimet, limonina lupinica
1kg moke
2 pecilna praška
Rumenjake in polovico sladkorja penasto umešamo, dodamo med, začimbe, moko s pecilnim praškom in trd sneg iz beljakov v katerega smo utepli drugo polovico sladkorja. Vse skupaj dobro zmešamo. Na pomokani deski testo razvaljamo na 2-3mm in oblikujemo z modelčki. Pečemo na 180°C približno 7 minut. Lahko jih tudi premažemo z belim ledom.

700g mehke moke
300g ostre moke
300g sladkorja
500g masla
2 zavitka pecilnega praška
2 zavitka vanilijeva sladkorja
4 jajca
limonina lupinica
Vse sestavine zgnetemo v testo, piškote oblikujemo z mesoreznico z nastavkom za piškote. Pečemo jih pri 200°C približno 8 minut. Po želji jih okrasimo s čokolado.

Feel free to come and try them. :)

It's December