Tuesday, 29 May 2012

It's been a while..

.. since I last posted.
I have been both busy and lazy. And spending too much time watching Gossip girl.
And also having fun meanwhile.

For example: International choir competition in Zadar, Croatia. We came third in our category among women's choir and we had the best time on this small trip of ours.

I've also been trying some DIY project with crayons, my hair, nails and even my sister's entryway.

melted crayon art - 1st attempt 
melted crayon art - 2nd attempt

hair updo - 1st attempt worth showing
mat nails <3
a few stiles, paper one's the best of course
wannabe marauder's map, picture quality not good
my sister's entryway - dot dot dot
my sister's entryway with the best poster
I also painted my window frame white
and helped my friend Ana make her oboe reed :)

1 comment:

  1. Pridna si bla. :O
    Najboljš pa nohti (časopis pa map)pa tista risba s srčkom (js sm do zdej misnla, da si to na netu staknla! :D) pa Zadar ofkorZ! (: