Friday, 28 June 2013

Prince Edward visiting Slovenia

If this is not the time to write a new blog then I don't know what is.
Yesterday we had the privilege to welcome the Earl and Countess of Wessex to Slovenia. It was their first visit to our beautiful country and as far as it goes they absolutely love it.
And I wouldn't be myself if I wouldn't dress up appropriately. I was thinking about my British Union jack dress at first but the chances to actually meet them were not good so I went with the themed outfit for the day.
Then I'm sitting in the old town and all of a sudden a few cars, almost like golf carts, come around the corner  and there they were. So I quickly packed what I had and persuaded my friend Neža to jog along. So we followed them and while they were in the City Museum I answered some questions for our TV channel and hours later I started getting texts saying how big a star I am and that I have to check THIS LINK.
And then prince Edward appeared with his wife again. The cars were waiting for them but I got some time to quickly snap a few pictures.

And that is it. The best day in a long time. It's not all prince Edward that made it so, not at all, a lot of the credit goes to my dear friends, Ashley and Neža, visiting my grand mother, going to church and for the great evening attending two concerts in the centre which were both absolutely amazing. 


  1. Jeej! :) Ko sem slišala, da je princ Edward prišel, sem se takoj spomnila nate in sem vedla, da boš nekje blizu. :) *

    1. Hehe, sm res upala, da ga bom vidla in mi je ratal. :) Noro je blo, noro!

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