Monday, 27 May 2013

Concerts in Spring

So March and April were pretty busy this year. Especially because of all the different concerts that were going on.
In March we started with our Academy Chamber Orchestra and performed in Slovenska filharmonija with some marvellous pieces with amazing soloists. Feel free to listen to it and enjoy it here.
Screen shot.
Second up was again our opera, Orpheus, by Monteverdi. I must say that even though we had a lot of everything going on at that point, that was beginning of April, I loved every minute of it and would do it again with joy. You can read my previous entry about this opera here and listen to it again or for the first time here.
Practise. (phone pic)
Then it was time for our next big academic project. This year orchestra, choir and singers all joined for the remembrance of three great opera composer, Britten, Wagner and Verdi. We had the privilege to work with maestro Letonja, who conducted us with care, love and patience. I can only say that I hope I will get to work with him again. In this project I also managed to combine two of my passions, playing and singing. Choir conductor asked me to join the singing forces and because there was a lot of us violas for the second part of the concerts I was able to fulfil my choir class and go stand in the back with my fellow co-singers. You can see and hear our wonderful concerts (only one out of three we did with this programme) here.
Screen shot.
And last but not least was a concert with Slovene singer, composer and producer Gal Gjurin. That was a project we had with symphonic orchestra Cantabile, conducted by always amazing Marjan Grdadolnik. We had amazing arrangements going on and even though there were many songs it didn't seem long at all. Some songs need to be even longer, but we will work on that for the next concert. So thank you, maestro and thank you, Gal.
PS: I hope to incorporate my whip cracking techniques somewhere as well. :D


  1. škoda, da se nisem mogla udeležiti projekta z Galom....veseli me, da ste vse tako dobro izpeljali! čestitke vsem :)

    1. Sej kokr pravjo še ni konc sodelovanja tko da boš nadvse dobrodošla naslednjič. ;)