Wednesday, 26 February 2014

DIY Matching Hand- and Makeup Bag for my Sister's Birthday

My favourite sister had her 30th birthday today! Wow, she's getting old. ;) Well honestly it is a bit scary as she's almost the youngest in our family and then I'll be thirty soon, huge problems, I tell you. :D
So she had an idea a while ago for this bag she saw on one girl that is really big but you can flip it over if you don't need that much space. And this 'cover' or whatever you call it is really awesome because then you can do two different styles, one on each side and then wear it however you feel like on a specific day. Well sides do have to match, but still, it's almost like you would have to different bags. Amazing, right?

Just one minus: you can't really do an inside pocket on this bag because you flip it over and then that pocket would either flip with the 'cover' or it would be way to deep in the bag to really be of any use.
But that is not a problem if your sister then decides to do another matching toiletry/makeup/whatever-is-small bag. So this was actually a gift, the big bag was planned for a month or two already and just somehow we ended up sewing it in time for her birthday. Perfect. :)
Hope you like it. :)
And a very happy birthday, Marta. <3

PS: Because I haven't mentioned my fabric store in a while don't think I forgot about it. Last week I was there 4 times. Yes, 4 times. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Wednesday. Overdoing it? Never! :)


  1. Lepo! :) In ne, ne boš še toook hitr 30! ;) hehe

    1. Hvala. :)
      Ne, sej.. še 7 let pa pol, haha. :D To je še skor četrtina tok kt do zdej. :)

  2. Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!! Tenks! Favourite sister -- na to sem čakala 30 let!! YEAH! Glih sem ti hotela zatežit, da objavi mojo torbo, potem pa najdem tole <3
    Ej, glede 30ke pa sam tole: približno še enkrat tok, pa grem že v nebesa, hehe :) Ti se pa kar matraj naprej ...
    Dabest darilo, hvala hvala hvala!

    1. No, 22 let pa pol. :) Prej me še ni blo.
      Ojoj no, upam da vsaj še dvakrat tok, pol pa lahko nebesa, recmo. :)
      Ni za kej. :) Z veseljem.

  3. Nora torba!!! Neža, res obvladaš in Marta, dobra ideja!! Pa obe se umirita z leti...pomislita name:)) Objem iz Brna!!!

    1. Hvala, no sej zasluga za dizajn gre Marti, kao. ;)
      Ja, Marta se je zamisnla, k je zdej v istm desetletju kot ti. ;)
      Objem nazaj!