Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone! :)

It is completely 'Sherlocked' and 'Benaddicted' around here. ;)

 First we get everything together. Eggs, of course.

And crayons. The white one is in use already.

When the eggs were boiling I had some spare time to take pictures. Daffodils <3.

And typical Slovenian Easter sheaves.

These were finished first as they were boiling in red onion leaves and were pretty much all done when I took them out.

Then the others were boiled and here are my favourite blue and green examples of my special Easter eggs plus some 'story-telling-red-onion-colored' ones. 

And these three are my absolute favourite. And I tried my best to get a got shot of them. :) Hope you like them.

(This one is died with red onion leaves too, I know.)

(Benedict Cumberbatch, there is another one, but the writing is not as good.)



  1. Hahahaha Neža, si pa res Benaddicted :D Ampak zdej pa še kej bo, k so požegnani :)

    1. Ja itak. :D
      Jao, prepozn si me spomnu, zdej pa tile niso požegnani. :S Oh škoda. Pa zdele morm tko vse pojest, ker pol itak grem in oh, nism razmišljala dost.