Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Stupid (and fun) duck face

As you may have seen on facebook profile my friends are longing to have me learn have to do the 'duck face' face. And that's why I was confronted with this poster of sort that plainly started the so-called 'Duck face week z Nežo'. I have to thank Marko for this, he really pushed everything forward. :)

At first I didn't want to do it and that is the outcome and afterwards known as 'the picture of the day before'.

Then I was pretty much left no choice but to go through with it and just try my best and satisfy my friends by learning it. I must admit it has been over four years since my first failed attempt  to do the face. And now that I've learned it I solemnly swear I will never use it again. ;)

I must also say that friends have been very helpful with all kinds of advice and links to different duckface face. Thank you. :)

Over the week there was also a prize game going on. Each day you could post a picture of a friend doing the duckface and the person with the best photo would win. This one has stuck with me from the minute it was posted. :) She deserves it. ;)


  1. Zakon post in zakon slike!
    Res so ti uspele! :D

    P.s. Lep jezik.

    1. Hvala. In hvala. :)
      Ko se vidva morva eno narest, kakršnokol, duckface al pa normalno, sam da bo cute. :)

      Well yes indeed. ;)

  2. Ok. Najlepš zaklučen projekt ever! Bravo Neža. Bravo mi! =)

    1. Hvala. :) Men je zdej tut kr všeč. Predvsem smešn. :D Pa nekak so kr dobre slike. :D haha.
      Brez tebe ne bi šlo. :)