Thursday, 3 January 2013

Holidays :)

This holidays were probably the busiest of my life but also the most wonderful or amongst one of them.

Christmas (25th Dec) was blessed, I got to spend it with my family and in the evening with my dear friend at my sister's and at the movies and though I know he probably won't read this I have to thank him for keeping up with me all the time and caring for me which means to me the world and more than I deserve. :)

26th December, the day of the first concert with our choir Stoženke and it was really great, even though we did not have so much time to prepare it. I loved it and I do believe the others who say they did enjoy it too.
Thank you to all who came.

27th December. Just a day for practise, practise and some more practise. First Cantabile, then a lesson with my professor and in the evening a final rehearsal in Tržič with a special orchestra and choir Ignacij Hladnik. Afterwards I was invited to LAN party but it didn't come to it somehow. :D

28th December. Final rehearsal in the morning with Cantabile, then Vital and Klara presented me with a gift - a British ring, broken, but it's already fixed and in use now ;), then tea with Neža, got the tickets for concert at Krista's and then waited for Vanja to come so we would drive to Tržič together for the concert. But when I wanted to start the car the engine didn't work. At all. So I called Vid and he and Krista were so kind they came right away and started pushing the car so it would maybe start. But it didn't help as the accumulator was just too empty. Thankfully the people there, at least my friends, are really the best. Soon Gašper came and knew everything about how to start the car with cables and he managed it all. Thank you all, thank you, thank you, a million times thank you. My saviours. :)
Then I managed to get to Tržič and though the church was really really cold the feeling was amazing. We accompanied the choir Ignacij Hladnik for Christmas Cantata by Marko Mihevc and another 8 Christmas songs, all by John Rutter.

29th December. Woke up and first sewed a skirt, one for the concerts that are not really the fanciest so that a long dress would be required but I realised in the last few months that the skirt and the dress I have that are not full length come to be way shorter when I sit down than they should be. So now I have new free falling satin skirt and it was perfect for the concert I had in the evening with orchestra Cantabile. The concert was perfect but not that great for me because I had a huge headache and I messed up a few things. And then my friends were waiting for me in the big tent in Logatec and I kept them waiting more and more. :S And then when we got there I was cold and just a complete annoying mess so I have to apologise for that to two of my friends, one even more than the other. And have to thank Klara for taking the time to talk to me and talk some sense into me. :)
30th December. Woke up in Logatec after spending the night there after the party, got into and awkward situation you might've heard about ;), went to church and hurried back home to prepare for another concert with Cantabile, this time in Union Hotel in centre of Ljubljana. This night was absolutely fabulous. All the famous Strauss songs as well as the amazing Alpha Centauri by Gal Gjurin and another famous beautiful compositions. I have to thank Mr. Grdadolnik for the opportunity again as every concert is better and better and mostly because of his hard work and the fact that he believes in us. And all the soloist he gathered were absolutely phenomenal. Plus I played really well and I felt like I deserve to be there again so the burden of the night before came off my shoulders. Then off to a late dinner with the entire orchestra and the crew and after a few hours a late night bike ride across the city.

31st December. Woke up later than expected and started baking the dessert for the New Year's gala dinner. Made a fruit cake, similar to the British one a few weeks ago, and chocolate muffins.
Top part of the cake: fireworks, down: 13'. :)
Then went to church, drove around city to get the presents and wishes to my loveliest Nina, Katarina and Maja (Klara was busy) as I was not spending the night with them and finally rushed to Logatec to celebrate the turning of yet another year. The night was sublime, amazing, perfect, everything. A few of my best friends, amazing dinner, all thanks to Klara and Vital for that, plus I even managed to get Klara and Krista into dresses ;), amazing music, drinks, more drinks, TV, singing, then as it was getting closer to midnight we went to the tent where a band was playing and then there were more free drinks coming, more friends, more new people and after dancing a new pair of ruined shoes. Worth it! :D Back in the house we somehow got to playing some SKI Challenge, unexpected turn of events I would say. And overall a night I will definitely remember for a very long long time. :)

1st January 2013. Went for a drink in the early afternoon after slowly waking up. Then home and to visit my sister and my brother. Then church to start the year properly. And then a quick 3 hour visit to my dear Ana who left for Germany in the morning then so of course I had to see her again before she went away for another 3 months.
My dear friends, bearing gifts. <3
2nd January 2013. Not feeling weel at first, actually not until I had to feel better so I wouldn't be a complete failure on a practise of our academic orchestra. During the break I wanted to get kebab and I came to horrible knowledge that fast food chains like kebab or McDonald's and even Frks don't have the students meals anymore. Which is a devastating news especially for me as I love it and because I never have time for anything more proper to eat. But the day is still perfect because later on I went to church with my amazing friends from Academy and met Maja and Klara as well as Filip and Lucija and I haven't seen these two in a while and they are just the one of the most amazing people I know so every time we do get to meet it makes my week, not just a day. :)
Love you all. <3