Wednesday, 23 January 2013

New in: A proper bull whip

Yes, that is not a mistake up there in the title. I did just buy a proper leather bull whip 2 days ago, straight from Hungary with all the help from my friend. I got excited in the end of August 2012 on a scouts' trip where he had it with him and I decided back then I want to have it as well. But then it took a while to just basically get to the guy that makes them and explain to him what we want. In Hungarian language. That's where things got fun so they only arrived to Slovenia a week ago or something like that. And now from Monday, 21st January 2013, I am, along with my friend, a proud owner of this magnificant work of art. You could really call it that. The guy knows what he's doing. ;)
So you might've seen me around with it if I met you in these couple of days. And if you haven't don't worry, I have it with me all the time now. :D
When I'll get to it I'll try to put a video of some cracking on as well, but I have to film it yet.
And most of all it's really a lot of fun. :)

Here it is. Total of 280cm. 
 Very well made as you can see.
The end of a 40cm handle is made in a shape of a horse's hoof.
A 215cm leather whip and a 25cm cracker at the end.


  1. Lucija te je dons vidla, kako si stavkala s tem svojim bičem :D

    1. Jaa, sm jo tut js uzrla, sam sm bla lih v elementu. :D Ne, ni bla stavka, samo sprobavanje pa je blo lih mal prostora. Pol je pa Vid še mal pokal pa je pristopil policaj in prosil, če lahko nehamo, ker da je mal velik folka okol. :D