Sunday, 9 June 2013

Queen's 60th Coronation anniversary

60 years ago, on 2nd June, over a year after her father, King George VI died, Elizabeth Alexandra Mary was crowned at the ceremony held in the Westminster Abbey.
So on 4th June this year when the celebration was held in London, UK, I held a small party myself, even though I was sick, and I also proudly presented my new British phone case.
Yes, recently it's really been all about the UK: viola case, my room, clothes, etc. And now my phone. Many of you know that my phone is not a good one, not even a 'smart' one so you can't buy a different case, different design. But luckily I have the best sisters and brothers who have the best kids and so my oldest nephew Luka made this amazing British flag out of FIMO clay. Thank you, Luka, for taking your time. And thank you, Nokia, for making the cases so strong and everything that even though one puts it in the oven and bake it so the clay sticks onto it there's nothing wrong with it now, or didn't do any damage to the oven or anything, like it can sometimes happen in a microwave you know.
So yes, here is the case and many more pieces, many more flags of different sizes to make some more fun, useful, British thingies like earrings, bracelets, necklaces and whatever else we think of.
In case you're wondering, that is a tealight holder. ;) Plus there are two heart shaped as well. Incredible. True art. :)

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