Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Love my silly Americans :)

As you probably know I have been spending much time with my new American friends this year. They are working with the student christian organisation called Vsak študent and doing a really amazing job finding students all around Ljubljana on different faculties and inviting them to get to know our Saviour.
Then every week there are a few possible meetings to attend, either more basic Bible discussion or a bit more advance Bible study. Every now and then we do Together 4 Christ and also awesome Story of the soul. What I most like is discipleship, which means meeting with one or two of these Godly people on your own every week and growing in your personal relationship with Jesus, discussing your concerns and issues and trying to overcome them.
In the last couple of months I've spent more time with these amazing people than with anyone else. And in the middle of May there came Summer project. Another 35 Americans, eager to share their faith and explore our wonderful Slovenia. Those 6 weeks were priceless. Got to spend even more time with all of them on some more meetings and dinners four times a week. And through growing in faith and worshipping we got to have fun singing, bowling, eating and mush more.
Then there came a day during that time when 4 of the stinters had to leave for America, Rachael, Katie, Steve and John. Even though Katie and John are coming back in September it was so much more difficult to say goodbye to Rachael, who has been and still is such an inspiration and full of encouragements, and Steve, who was always just drawing everyone near and just being so osem. ;)
Then we had only one week left and suddenly the Summer project left to Salzburg and then home. And after that it felt like nothing is going on in Ljubljana anymore. Well not exactly but it for sure hasn't been as eventful.
Only three days later my dearest Sally had to fly back to America. It wasn't that bad since she's coming back in a year and so we will get to spend more time together.
But then this week is the worst. Sunday morning the Shirkmans said goodbye, not yet to Slovenia but to me because I won't see them anymore. But they are coming back in a year as well as Sally and I'm already counting down to that day so it wasn't the worst goodbye.
Then Monday came and with that two farewells. In the morning one of the worst. To my dear lovely Becca. We spent a lot of time together these past couple of months and she is such a blessing to everyone. I am extremely glad God worked in the ways so that we got to meet. Love you always.
Goodbye with Mike was pretty easy on Monday morning as I'll see him again in two months already. :) Can't wait.
And then the time came. In the morning, only 3 hours ago, the most difficult goodbyes of them all. First Joy and a few minutes later Ashley, since she walked me down to my car. It was super sad as we will not be together anymore. We have Skype but that is far from anything like we experienced in this past year. Especially these last few days. I am so thankful for you. And hope to see you again when I come visit in a year or two or you come back here. I thank God every day for sending you here, for your strenght and encouragement, words, hugs, everything. I love you forever and for always. You are the best. <3

Love you always!!


  1. Ok, zdej mi je res žal, da nisem tist četrtek prišla... (sej je to ista reč, ane?) :-/ Ampak lepo, da še pridejo :)

    1. Še pridejo, ne vsi isti ampak ja, sej so vsi mega. ;) Se najdemo kej jesen z njimi, midve se pa itak kej slišva pa vidva že prej. :)