Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Christmas Decorations at my place

Nothing new that I love December and Christmas, right? Well if it is new to you check some of the previous entries, otherwise just keep on reading. :)
It wouldn't be a proper post if I wouldn't mention my fabric store. Yes, I was there a few times again and bought all these cute Christmas themed fabrics. If you have time go check them out as they are 15% off this week.
So they all have a purpose and I've actually already used some of them.
From the left the first one is now a table cloth that I absolutely love.
Second one, super cute hearts, are a part of another table cloth and also Christmas tree ornaments.
The next one is my favourite because of the reindeers and the print that is actually soft, sort of velvety, and used it to make gift pouches. (Picture of that coming as soon as I make another one.)
Then Christmas trees for Christmas tree ornaments. Tree-ception. ;)
The red with golden print will serve for out home decoration that is not yet done and also you can check it out on a Christmas bag I made.
Last but not least and the only one that doesn't have a purpose yet is the one with the loveliest hearts. I might just use these for some more ornaments for the windows or something. Or if you have any ideas, please do share. :)
I'll try to put a tutorial of this ornaments up tomorrow but maybe on Thursday or Maybe even Friday. Bear with me. :)
Then yesterday I got this Christmas sock from my dear Hilary and is now already up on the wall. :)
Oh and thought I'd try how to scene my table for Christmas. It's too early though so I put the cribs away for a few more days but I like it a lot so here it is.

Oh, plus, I tried this on my nails and it kinda worked. I was going for Christmas holly on my nails and well it's pretty good, OK at least, especially if you consider the fact that I don't have any special thin brushes. Anyway I like it because it's Christmaaas. :)
Hope you're enjoying your December. :)


  1. Ej, kdaj nam boš zašila kaj srčkov, nama z Jobom se ne da več, pa jih še fuuuul rabim!
    PS: Ko boš prihajala domov, poglej na naše okno v dnevni, mega surprise :)

    1. Am, no mal sm prepozna, ker zdej sm že doma. :) Bom jutr pogledala.
      In ja, dobite, I guess da v nedeljo. :)

  2. Aja, plus tega: tista slika zgoraj na vrhu bloga (z Malte pomoje) totalno ne paše k tem Christmas objavam! Jojjojojojojojojjjoooojjojooooooooooooooojjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjooooooooooooooooooj!