Wednesday, 4 December 2013

DIY Advent Garland from Toilet Paper Rolls

This past two months I've constantly been seeing this idea on facebook sites and pinterest and everywhere and it seemed really easy. And it is. :)
I know it's a little late to put this idea on since advent already started this Sunday but you can always decorate your house a bit more. And you can do this with your kids because it's really super super easy.

First you take the rolls, flatten them a bit and cut into 1cm wide pieces.
Everyone seems to use hot glue gun but I don't have one so I used super glue to stick the parts together. To hold it in place use your laundry clips and let it dry. 
Remove the clips and get ready to spray/colours everything.
Gold spray was the only one we had at home so I opted for this colour.
Be sure to do this outside and on a large paper and do a thorough job so you won't have to redo it.
Once the colour dries decide whether you want to just leave it at that or do something more.
I went for something more with some water colours, red and green to make it more like a real garland, kinda.
You can either colour everything or just some 'leaves' and even just on the outside.
Which is what I did because I still really wanted for that gold colour to be the main point.
This bigger garland is now hanging on our door.
And to this one I added 4 candles and is now the center piece of our dining table.
Hope you're enjoying advent, the time of preparation, and that you're already sipping mulled wine in the light of thousands of lights in our well-decorated center of Ljubljana. I'll get back to this soon when I'll have more time to explore. :)

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