Sunday, 1 December 2013

Happy December is ON! :)

Started on time this year! And the fact that start of the advent colides with the date is absolutely perfect as well. :)
So even though the lights of Ljubljana are not yet lit (Tuesday, Dec 3 if you want to go check it out) I am in the mood for decorations and outfits and nails and songs, oh especially songs. And especially my favourite Most Wonderful Time of the Year by Andy Williams.
Here's now what I came up with already and I'll put on more detailed collages soon, as usual.
Our 'December' Table Cloth in the making
New 'Happy December' Bag
Advent Garland from toilet paper roll
Biscuits, of course, like last year
New skirt and shawl, fabric from Svet metraže, thanks to Eva for the pic
As you know, I LOVE December. And spread this love even if just by giving a smile to someone, because this month is especially good for doing so, and it might, no, it WILL make someone's day. :)
Hope you like the pics and enjoy December. :)


  1. Neža, spet nora torba!!! Pa tudi vse ostalo! I LOVE DECEMBER TOO:)

    1. Ja sm mogla narest torbo in vse, če je pa zdej tako vzdušje. :D
      Pa hvala. :)