Friday, 7 December 2012

Svet metraže strikes again

Today I went there to buy one piece of fabric. One. Of course I came out with two. Before I sat down in my car I realised I forgot to buy another fabric so I went back in and got out with three new pieces. When I thanked the employers for their help I already added that I'm not coming back. But never say never, I was back in two minutes, figuring out that if I bought the previous fabric I have to buy something else as well. So I come out with three new additions again. This time, after thanking them again, I even said that it's the last time they're seeing me today, that I already spend so much. I got into my car, drove home and before the last turn I remembered that I forgot a tape for side lining and drove back. The thing is I have to get everything finished in 5 days so I had to hurry back because tomorrow I might not have time for it. Stepping in the store I was laughing to myself quietly and they were too because I spent a good hour and a half there today already. And still I was back. Didn't end up buying tape but lead to buying another fabric, twice as much as I was thinking about the first time I entered the store today. Needless to say I thanked them again, told them it's their fault that I'm buying so much, blaming it on all the choices, started to think of buying some fleece because it's 20% off, but after kind words I did leave the store, Svet metraže, my absolute favourite, and finally got home after two hours.
Well, like my dear friend always says: 'You do only live once'. ;)


  1. Obožujem tole objavo! ^^,
    To je men tok ušeč, k slediš temu k čutš! *

    1. Hvala. :) Men je tut kr všeč, hehe, enkrat za spremembo sm mal več napisala. In oh, morva enkrat skupi tja, upam, da bo ta delu kt dons k že prou hengava. ;)
      Hvala. **