Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Carnival mask

This year our scouts' winter weekend fell on the weekend during the 'Mardi Gras season' and therefore we decided to set everything in the 18th century, including clothes. We made some with kids a week before but then I decided to make a better one for Maja and me, so at least the leaders would be dressed properly. ;)
So I just got to it. First I made both dresses and then a coat for Maja and the night before we started with our weekend I finished mine as well, only one hour before departure.
I was trying to go for 18th century, semi-big dresses, big behinds, fluffy sleeves, tight waist..
I tried my best and I did waste quite some time sewing and I hope you like the way it came out.
For hair I found this amazing 18th century hair tutorial that doesn't include any weird things you wouldn't have at home. The only problem is my hair is way longer and heavier so it is not really the same. Well I tried. :)