Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Ups and downs

We all have them.
And lately I've had more downs, they were kind off all on the up side in general though, but still it all goes down sometimes. Luckily I have such good friends that they keep me up and know me so good that they understand me and forgive me for my behaviour. I know I was talking about pretty much the same thing some time ago but I still cherish every time something goes down and it all goes up again quickly because of them. And when they're around no bad thing can last. :)
Thank you for all the time you take.
Thank you for the texts and messages.
And thank you for all the little things you do. They mean a lot.
And everything combined means the world. :)

This picture is a long-awaited remake of this one. :)


  1. Bi rekla, da mi je všeč, pa se mi zdi čist preveč zlajnano in fejsbukarsko.

    Je pa iskreno. In prisrčno lepo. :)

    1. Preveč zlajnano kar sem napisala al to, da bi ti rekla da ti je všeč? :)
      Ja, iskreno, to sm hotla ubistvu. Čeprou sej vemo kdo tega spet ne bo prebral. :D Pa je dal on povod nekak zarad dons. :D