Thursday, 21 February 2013

Tough week

So this week has been quite tough, started exactly a week ago, on Thursday, 14th February, also known as Valentine's day. For me it wasn't really romantic and yet still meaningful for my life, well at least for now it seems so. And if you're close enough with me you probably already know what I'm talking about.
But I'm feeling great now. Caught up with a few of my other friends already and with all this situation going on I feel really lucky I have them all and can still count on them, even though I haven't really made much time for them before last week.
All this still feels kinda weird, because it's not the same it used to be, my life and my communication themes especially, those back then were really something. ;)
It also seems really hard but I thank God for this, he knows what must be and it's all for the best, I'm sure of it.

Now I can only hope that I can put this behind and share kindness freely and spontaneously like these people in the video below do. Hope you like it. :) It's really worth something.