Friday, 1 February 2013

Mullet skirts

As you may have read I paid a visit to Svet metraže this year already. But not once.
On 19th because I had to catch the general sale. And I did, the fabrics in the previous entry are all from that day.
On 26th with my friend because she needed something and because they had a new sale I had to check out. And because I forgot to buy something the week before.
On 30th with my sister because she got excited about it when she saw my new skirt and because I had to buy another length for a fuller skirt.
On 31st with another friend because we had to get the fabric for our amazing 18th century themed scouts' weekend. :)
And what got me to go there in the first place are these amazing skirts in H&M or Zara or Tally Weijl and all others that are short in the front and long(er) in the back. Which I soon realised are called mullet skirts and are more for Summer but when I make something I have to try it out so you might have seen me around in one of these two skirts and it didn't look all right.

I don't know if they even look good on me, I'm not sure but here are some pictures and therefore please, you be the judge. :)

I had to make this underskirt for the blue mullet skirt so that when I have a British themed outfit I don't have to have the black skirt underneath.

Plus because I can and because these two songs are really great, the first one in all aspects and the second one the chorus lyrics, here they are for you as well.


  1. Ja, mačka! Kere sexy nogice si nam pokazala.
    You are the judge, si napisala. No evo. Opazu sem par nitk k visijo iz roba črne mulletke.Vrjetno zaradi materiala. Te kikle so ponavad iz tazga ful lahkega, prosojnega materiala, ampak je treba bit ful pozoren, ker ko jih zarobimo, se začnejo vihati. Dobiš pa en velik + za trud. =)

    1. Oh ja, črne nitke, vem. Morm odrezat, haha, sej veš kako js zmer norim. :D
      Morm še izboljšat, mam še par blagov na zalogi.
      Hvala. :)
      Nog pa rajš ne omenjajmo. :D haha.

  2. Nice! ;) Všeč mi je druga kiklca, po barvi zmaga rdeča. Hitro ti je to ratalo nardit. :)

    1. Hvala. :) British pa to, da mam take kombinacije. ;)
      Jah seveda, ni časa za zapravljat. :D