Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Purcell's Purse on Facebook

I did it! I finally set up a page on facebook where you can order your own custom made handbag or accessories.
For a while this idea has been walking around in my brain and now last week I made another three bags (two here and one here) which are even better, more perfected, so now I really had to do it. Another reason for not doing it before was that I wanted it to be called something with Purcell in the name and couldn't come up with a good idea by myself. Then today, when we met with friends, I asked them about it and Klara, obviously the smart one, popped out with an amazing idea of adding the word purSe in the title and it sounds the same as PurCe(ll) so what an amazing idea. So we worked together on it for a bit and came up with Purcell's Purse. And later on in the evening Ana helped me with description and so it came together. Thank you, girls, for your help.
You can check it out here now:
A new cover photo.

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