Friday, 9 August 2013

Easy DIY: a necklace and a ring

Tomorrow is the day! One of my closest friends from scouts, Nina, is getting married. I can't wait! She is a friend who deserves happiness even more than others. Her kindness is beyond words and she shines like a Sun. Whenever we spend some time together it is fulfilling and inspiring and her words always make me feel better. God couldn't have granted us all with a better and wiser friend. I love you girl and may God bless you  with all the best in marriage with your best friend and a wonderful boyfriend, soon to be husband, Žiga.

And since we all care for you so much we had to prepare ourselves to be the best bridesmaids ever. So since I didn't find some nice jewellery that would match our clothes in the stores I figured I could make my own. And I went to spend some time on pinterest, too much time, and found this picture of a fabric necklace and decided it'll be the one.

Trying to find a nice ribbon or string or rope was actually the most difficult part. In the end I bought some satin ribbon and knit it together into what is now my base for the necklace.
Then all you have to do is cut the fabric in circles, rounds, fold them twice and saw the pointy part to this satin rope. This necklace has around 15 rounds sewn on, each one has approximately 8cm in radius but it varies as I wasn't being super precise because I thought it'll look better like that.
Another thing I did, though not necessary, I slightly burned the edges of the circles. It keeps the threads in place plus somehow gives sort of a more finished look.
Buuut of course I wouldn't be me if I'd be satisfied with only a necklace. So and idea occured to make a bracelet. But that would be too much. So what's left is a ring.
The circles for this have probably only like 2 or 3cm diameter and they work great. Here this chiffon is sewn on the most basic elastic that you can imagine. And it works great. For the ring I used only 6 or 7 circles and burned the edges as well.
Hope you like it and that you'll try it yourself, it really is super easy.

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