Thursday, 8 August 2013

Hair tutorial in pictures

Finally! The long expected hair tutorial that I previously posted is here. Not anyone expected it probably but I know of a few who were getting on me for being late and not posting this one.
The truth is that even though this year I don't have any major trips I am barely found at home. Maybe in the mornings but then I'm off for the day. Which is amazing. But it also means I have no time to work on my blog posts and the fact that it is so hot out made it harder to see eye to eye with my straightener. :)
But let's cut to the chase now.
I do apologise for not putting up a video, I'll try to do that as well, but I'm not the best hairstylist and it took too much time so the video would be boring by all means. And my editing skills.. well let's just say I don't know if I have any at all.

All photos by: A. Sečnik

You will definitely need longer hair to do this as you basically bring all your hair from the back, twisted, to the front of your face.
This is what you'll need. Straightener (creates nicer, softer curls), bobby pins, larger clip and a scarf. Plus if you want the style to stay up longer use some hair spray. Or a lot of it. :)

This is my hair, kinda curvy already, plus I do have some hair cut shorter in the front which is important in the final look, so you have some base on your forehead, it'll probably look weird otherwise. Sorry.

Now start with collecting your hair at the back of your head and twisting it around as hard as you can (without pulling everything out of course) and as you go bring your hair to the front or top of your head. This will depend a bit on your hair length, try this a couple of times to see how much hair comes to the front and how high you have to start in the back.

Once your hair is set clip it on the top of your head with a strong hair clip (use whatever works for you and what you have at home). I add a few bobby pins at the sides as well so it stays in place and up in front even when you take the bigger clip out. You might even want to spray the back of your head now, otherwise the hairstyle may fall apart sooner.

Now go to the front. You can see now why it might be important to have bangs or whatever you wanna call it. First I pin my hair from the back to the side as it will only get in the way for now. Then start curling the front section from the side of your face and be patient with taking only a small section of your hair at the time, the less hair you take the more it will curl. Here you can either spray every section separately so it is more precise or spray it all at the end, depends also on how long you want it to stay exactly as you planned it.

Now take the section of your hair from the back that we previously clipped to the side and start curling it from the side. Be patient as it will take some time but like I said before, smaller sections make nicer curls. And don't forget to spray every now and then, it's up to you though how often you wanna do it and for what you need this hairstyle. If you're going dancing don't spare it. Plus if you fell like you pull your hair too much I sometimes just hold the big clip so it doesn't all just goes apart on the top of my head. You can see that on the second collage below.

 Any sections of hair that might not look perfect you can sort them out now, even a small section on the other side of your face that might magically appear (like it did here). And then spray all over.

Fold your scarf and be sure to tuck the last corner in so it doesn't stick out on your neck.

 Precisely wrap the scarf around and tie it in front of the clip. Be sure to wrap it pretty hard so it helps the bobby pins to keep your hair in front.

Once you're satisfied with the look of the bow remove the clip and if necessary add another bobby pin.

Once the scarf is in place secure it with bobby pins, two on each side, one from behind and one from the front.

And now here you are with your retro summer updo. :)

Hope you like it, hope it's helpful and looking forward to hear your comments. :)