Friday, 21 March 2014

DIY Bow Ties and a Headband

In the past week two of my favourite trumpet players celebrated their birthdays. And what would be a better gift than a stylish satin bow tie? I figured, since they're classical musician, they already have black and white ones so I opted for two shades of grey, no, just kidding, two shades of green. :)
I found one old bow tie my dad has, measured it, figured how to sew it all together and that was pretty much it. You should totally try it yourself, it's really easy.
And since those green bows looked so good I figured I should make a matching headband for myself. So we can all be stylish together, a threesome, as the two guys named us later in the evening, after an amazing concert with our academy choir that you can check here.
I hope I'll find the time to make some more now and hope you do too. :)

1 comment:

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