Monday, 17 March 2014

DIY Button Necklaces

Friday evening was a perfect time to do something new, especially because I didn't feel like sewing anymore. You know how that works then, you end up browsing random things on the Internet, watch a couple of new episodes of your favourite series and randomly find an idea that usually just ends up in a big folder on your computer. But alas! This Friday was different, I stumbled upon this necklace made with retro looking buttons. And since I just bought hot glue gun a few weeks ago I was eager to try it out more.
Browsing through our home button collection I didn't find enough retro buttons so I just took out all that looked kinda nice and were in shades that I would need for the ideas that were quickly forming in my head.
It probably took me an hour or so to make these 4 necklaces and honestly I'm impressed how well they turned out, didn't expect it, haha.
Oh and to get those ribbons for the necklaces I took a bike to Svet metraže and spent a good hour there, of course as usual, buying more than I need, this time 'only' 4 extra pieces of fabric that I don't really need. Dear me!
Hope you like them.


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    1. Hvala. :)
      Lahko tudi kakšno naročite. ;) Na fb me lahko najdete: Purcell's Purse

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