Thursday, 6 March 2014

'Pust' Carnival Scottish Outfit

So this past week some countries across the world have a carnival for scaring winter away and welcoming spring. For instance carnival in Venice, parade in Rio and also in Slovenia we dress up to, as said before, scare away the winter, an old pagan Slavic tradition. Kind of like Halloween in the USA but we just dress up in everything, not mostly witches and ghosts or whatever Halloween is special for.
To start this properly: last month we bought my brother bagpipes for his name day and just around those days I saw this great deep red woollen tartan fabric in my fabric store and figured why not make myself a Scottish outfit and bring bagpipes with me and have an amazing costume.
And so I bought the entire piece, 2,5 running metres of fabric, and slowly, really slowly, got to execute my idea in full detail.
Plus our 'pust' collided with my name day so our family all got together for lunch, everyone in his or hers costume and it was really a lot of fun as you might've seen on facebook. I love my big family. :)

It was also pretty crazy being in this costume on Tuesday in classes on Academy an on Vsak Študent Pust Party. :D


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