Monday, 24 March 2014

Slovenski blogerji 17. - 23. marec 2014

C`est la vie - second anniversary.

Purcell`s comeback - 4 button necklaces.  

D. Ralok - Spring giveaway

Ewie - windy Friday.

Hutamanama - How I organize my life.  

Pink Diamond - review: Lush sweetie pie shower jelly.

Beauty of a lemon - perfume collection.  

Ajda Tjaša - MUA ever after palette makeup look.  

UniqaPoly - labello: lip butter vanilla & macadamia.  

Maja Ena - my healthy menu: 1st day

Adjusting Beauty - roses nail design.  

LucyTalks - TMI tag.

Mateji ustvarjata - Planica 2014

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