Monday, 26 November 2012

Adoramus concert

Yesterday I had the privilege to work with Mr Marjan Grdadolnik again. This time as a part of a Gospel and popular songs concert that was organised by KUD Adoramus in Logatec. It was a really varied program as there were many different participants such as children's choir, youth choir, SPES - the accompanying band, additional chamber string orchestra, tambourica group Vremščica, Eva Hren as a lead vocal and Gregor Čušin, an actor.
It was all very thrilling, the songs were amazing, the interpretation impeccable and the voices flawless.
I am glad I got to be there, perform and be a part of something so great.
Thank you all for coming.

My favourites: Ruža crvena, sung by Adoramus men's choir, and Adiemus (don't have their recording yet) with Estera Stojko as the perfect soloist.


  1. Ja, eden boljših koncertov. :)
    Posebn občutek iz odra gledat 1500-glavo publiko. :) Uau!
    Upam, da bomo lahko še kdaj skupi užival odrske radosti! ;)

    1. Res je, eden najboljših. :)
      Jih bomo, bova poskrbeli za to. ;)