Sunday, 11 November 2012

Yesterday and movies

As you have maybe read in my previous entry I had a lot planned for yesterday. It was a lovely Saturday, I had all the time to myself, and out of the things on the to-do list I finished with union jack pattern on my room's ceiling which was harder than expected. I did practise as well and don't worry, I ate too much. :)
But mostly I can describe yesterday by going to the movies.
For once I loved the commercials, well, only the one for The Hobbit, of course.

First movie of the day: Brave by Disney with my nephews and I loved it, all Celtic and the accent was just perfect.
I recommend it. But if you just watch it on your home screen it will be fine too.

And later on Jan and I went to see Skyfall. We wanted to go earlier of course, as a true Bond fans, but illness was against it. And it was so worth it! Every cent. Even though my wallet isn't really full at all. I would, no, I will go again. :) I LOVEd it!
And Adele did it justice with title song as well.
I recommend this one even more. It is one of the best Bond movies ever. Way better than the previous one, I can assure you that. With a lot of London in between. <3

Lastly I bought the tickets for Twilight already, I know it's not the best movie and all but as a fan I have to go see it on the first day of showing. ;)
Yet it only deserves a picture of this size. Especially so near to Bond.

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