Friday, 9 November 2012

Happy December?

Yesterday I am going to the centre with a bus and there is this weird truck aside the road and reaching toward the trees. I look up and there is a man, a worker. I thought well isn't that a bit late to cut the branches? And then it was suddenly there. Hard to see. A rope with thousands and thousands small lights on. They are already decorating the city. I guess this year is really coming to an end, quickly, too fast. I haven't even properly started with this year yet, not even in school (God help me), and here it is, almost over? Well not really, but time does fly by. I look forward to December though (as November is just a crappy month) and I hope it will somehow last long, well I hope it'll feel this way. And hopefully I won't catch a nasty cold before the calendar turns. Cold, you can swing by later, I know you will. It's somehow inevitable.

And to all of you who are not from Ljubljana, do come and spend a few days here during Christmas and New Year, it is stunningly lovely around here.


  1. že?!
    oboh. to bo spet tko, da bom sred novembra v mega božičnem vzdušju, pol me bo pa do dejanskega božiča že vse minil.
    mislm, da se bom izogibala centra do takrat. (:

  2. Ja no, mislm dobr, niso še prižgane I guess ampak vseen zgodi totalno. :S Ja, pol napetost popusti. Predlagam izogibanje, dobra ideja, jo bom probala tut sama izvest, pa pač ne bom na faks hodila. :D

  3. Agreed z vsem kar si napisala! :) Ful.

    1. hihi, hvala. :) Nič posebnega ubistvu.