Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Burda and quality sewing

Last week my mom bought me a magazine, Burda, a sewing manual with patterns and all. I was really moved. I didn't expect it at all. Didn't think of it and would never. :)
So now I can really start to sew. Properly. And maybe more than just three different things which are by now a skirt, dress 1 and dress 2. I did try to sew a tunic and it did come out pretty OK but it's the fabric that's the problem as it keeps ripping at the stitches. 
Well now everything can and hopefully will improve. :)
Thank you, mom. <3

An thank you, Maja, for some sewing equipment. :)


  1. ooo, kulči. js sm pa našla eno ful dobro knjigo doma, tut s kroji pa to... komičakam, da grejo mim teli izpiti, da lahko spet kej začnem delat. (:

    1. Da, ful. :)
      js bi pumojm tut lahko kej najdla, aaampak itak delam brez krojev. :D Dons sm zašila Mariji kiklo. ;) Z noro zadrgo, noro za prvič at least. :)
      O ja, sej bo kmal. Kdor čaka, dočaka. :)