Friday, 30 November 2012

Henna - how to

Or to my friends known as kana in translation is an amazing Indian flowering plant to dye your skin with, paint your fingernails (which sometimes happens to me by mistake and lack of preparations) and of course to dye your hair. And that is what I do every now and then, approximately 3 times a year. It has the advantage that it slowly fades so you don't have to colour it every two weeks to hide your new grown hair.
Plus I LOVE the colour.
You can buy your original henna in Sariko in Nazarjeva street in Ljubljana for no more than 6EUR and you can use it for two persons or twice, of course it all depends on the length of your hair.
Don't worry, that's how it should look. And the smell is also not pleasant but you will get used to it. The texture should be like a mashed potato, if it runs too much it will be all over your back even though you put plastic foil over your hair. For the temperature increases inside and it will only run more and more as the time goes by.
You should leave it on for two hours and then wash it as best as you can. If you want it a bit darker you can mix the powder with black tea. Also after a few days it will fade a bit so it won't be as flashy as the first two days.


  1. Res so ti noro dobr oranžno ratal! ^^,

    1. Jaaa, no pa na tejle sliki še bl zgledajo sploh, ampak ja, končno! :)