Sunday, 24 November 2013

DIY Project: Redo an Upholstered Kitchen Bench - Part 1

Today we, my sister and I, finally really got to start with our project to redo her kitchen bench.
The old one was just, well, horrible already. Old fabric plus it didn't even match anything in there, don't know what the previous owners were thinking honestly.
But the project goes a month or more back with a visit to Svet metraže, the fabric store, to look for the fabric. My sister decided for one with flowers on but of course they didn't have enough of it. But they said there's still some in the other store in Ljubljana and this lady says she'll let someone know to look into it. It all proved false after 5 days when I was back there asking what's happening and the guy in charge of that didn't know what I was even talking about. So he made some calls and discovered that there's none in that store anyway. Now what. OK, let's order some. And I went back home only to return in a few days to hear that this particular fabric is actually no longer in the making. Meaning that this industry in Netherlands that used to make it now just doesn't anymore. Moved it out of their plan. So no this particular fabric ever again. Ever.
And we were pretty much back in square one. Find the fabric.
(PS: Everyone is happy now that this happened actually, the fabric was kinda dorky and would fit a country house.)
Because we opted for a better fabric, tetris-like, that is super cool. So I go there to Svet metraže to buy it and guess what happened. They didn't have enough metres anymore. OK, let's call the other store, it says on the Internet they still have a lot. Turns out the site hasn't been updated on this matter for some time. They only had just enough for me but it was on reservation. Well for how long and what if they sell it then? And all this waiting and problems just when everyone was finally feeling good about the remaking and ready for it and want it done before holidays and all.
Next was a happy day though. The other store did have enough meters and they sent the fabric to the one I go to and I went to pick it up the next day, bought enough foam and we were good to go. :)
Then we decided to wait another 10 days because no one in our family has done anything like this before so we figured I should get some infos at this class in my fabric store that showed how to redo an upholstered chair. It looked super freaky and something I could never do, but I guess the 'one for all and all for one' saying works here. For today, my sister, her husband and their five kids all helped with redoing their bench. We started kinda late in the day and at first it almost seemed like my only role is to be the project manager and boss people around, haha. But the older two left then and the younger ones couldn't really help much so I did my share of (what proved not to be super freaky) job. We didn't finish all of it yet but here are some (poor quality) pics of the process, part one. ;)
And I promise to make better pictures for next time when we'll be finishing this up.
Hope you like it because we LOVE it. :)

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