Thursday, 7 November 2013

Autumn/Fall nails

Last week on Slovenian Bloggers there was this entry on Adjusting Beauty I knew straight away I will have to try it out. Wasn't sure how it will come out since I don't have an orange nail polish or a proper sponge or long(ish) nails. But I tried my best and came up with what you can see on the pictures below.
For base I used this old Visions nail polish that is kinda a sparkly beige. To create the 'orange' fall leaves colour I applied some red (essence fame fatal) and yellow (s-he) on cosmetic pad. After adding some gold shimmer (essence go bold!) I finished the look with clear top coat (Shana).
Now let's go out and enjoy this perfect sunshine and sparkle away with our nails. :)


  1. O si preizkusila moj dizajn, kako lepo:))) Ti je pa dobra oranžna uspela, glede na to, da si mešala dve barvi - iznajdljivo:) Lepo!:D

    1. Ja, res super, definitivno dobra fora, drugače hitro samo ena brezevzna barva pristane na mojih nohtih. Barva pa tut kr uredu nekak, pa vsak noht je mal drugačen zarad tega ampak supr. :)
      Hvala. :)