Tuesday, 19 November 2013

DIY Yoga Mat Bag

About a month ago Polona contacted me about this special bag she wanted, a bag that would fit (not her laptop or oboe but) her yoga mat. Then it took us some time to find the fabric that she would like and the fact that she's currently not in Slovenia didn't help because I had to go looking for the right one myself. And then taking pictures, sending it to her, next time checking the prices, then figuring out some are way too thin to make a bag at all. Finally I actually found one fabric at home that I forgot about before.
And this one was the one.
Then it took some measuring and some precise, well a lot of precise cutting and sewing so that it would fit the best and not be too small but also not too big.
Anywho, I managed and here is the final product. It's already on it's way to Switzerland and I can't wait to hear some thoughts on it. :)

PS: Now I really can't wait for December to start, I actually already put some decorations on, haha, well just this fabric I found.
(I did though remove those bright coloured vases at least.)


  1. tale mi je pa res ful všeč, blago in oblika.
    master of disaster si, pravzares! (:

    1. Hvala. :) Men je bla najprej k sm doma gledala narjeno.. tko kr neki, haha, no, pač zarad nenavadne oblike, zdej mi je pa že kr prirasla k srcu. :)
      PS: To bomo pa še vidl, učer sm si odrezala kroj za en lajbič, bomo vidl. :P