Friday, 1 November 2013

DIY green and pink striped twin bags

It's been too long, way too long since I sewed anything but now I'm back on the scene with my sewing maschine back on my desk and what else to do than start right away.
There has been a few people that had their birthdays and I'm so super late with everything that I only sewed these bags for them now.

These are for two of my dear friends, twin bags as I would call them, one bigger and one smaller. I picked the colours that I hope will suit them, I tried my best. :)
And Svet metraze helped me with that, especially my favourite salesman was being as sweet as always. ;) 

Hope you like them.
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And if you feel like listening to some piano this is one amazing piece by Rachmaninov, that I'm trying to persuade my sister to learn. :)


  1. Ta prodajalc mora bit pa res fajn, če si je zaslužu še omembo v blogu!
    Pa ko bo Marta znala ta komad, pridem še js poslušat. :) Če ti jo uspe prepričat. :D

    1. Totalno si zasluž omembo, 100 na uro, haha. :D No res. :)
      Ok, velja, ugotovila je sicer pol da je res težk, ko je pogledala note ampak bo že. :)

    2. :D
      Si mislem, da ni lahka, ampak sej Marta bo razturala. :)

    3. Zaenkrat neki blefira, ful so huge akordi, bo že. :D

  2. Replies
    1. Najlepša hvala, se trudim no, hehe, pa kr ratuje. :)

  3. Krasni sta! Tvojo "Oxford" nosimo vedno za v Knihovno in je super!

    1. Hvala. :) A tko ste jo poimenoval al kaj? Dobra izbira imena, super. Me veseli, da služi. :)